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"Can you guess that conundrum, Cousin Maida?" "You naughty girl!" exclaimed her mother. "Well, you like me to be childish, don't you? And it's childish to be naughty." "Come, we'll go home at once," said the Countess, uneasily; and followed by the tall girl and the little one, she tottered away, sweeping yards of chiffon.

Madam would need different hats for different occasions, for morning and afternoon, for fine and wet weather, for ordinary and dress occasions. Would she herself not be persuaded to try on this charming model, the latest French fashion, "ridiculously cheap at three guineas?" "Thank you, I'll take the white hat, and the black chiffon. They will answer all my purposes," declared Ruth frigidly.

"Would I! Say, you go out to-morrow morning and buy yourself one of them floppy hats and a lace waist over flesh-colored chiffon and get married in it. Don't get it white, with your coloring. Get it kind of cream. You're so grand and thin, this year's things will look lovely on you." A bell shrilled somewhere in the shop. A hundred machines stopped their whirring.

A coat-sleeve of lace, crêpe, or chiffon, beflounced at the wrist, may be inserted under the short satin sleeves when the occasion does not require gloves. The soft, white setting of thin textures around the throat and shoulders clears the complexion and brings into relief the pretty, delicate lines of a refined face.

There was a gray taffeta in a window uptown, together with a big gray chiffon hat, a little pair of glossy gray strapped slippers, and filmy gray silk stockings. And the hat, instead of having pink roses on it, as you'd think a normal hat would, by the mercy of Providence had deep yellow roses, exactly the color Joy knew she could wear if she got the chance. The chance, to be sure, was remote.

"Well, I'm not going to leave my cloak, for several reasons only one of which is that if this room is a sample my ill-covered bones will rattle together downstairs." She wore a gown of black chiffon with a green jade necklace and a band of green in her fashionably done fair hair.

She sent away the maid, and sat there in the dressing-room before the mirror, waiting, her glance traveling about and noting the profuse and prodigal luxury. In the corner stood a circular rack loaded with dressing-gowns more than a score of exquisite combinations of silk and lace or silk and chiffon.

So trying to make herself as formidable as a bunch of nettles Mary took heed to answer: "I'm afraid you have been reading novels the ones where the business woman grows paler and more interesting looking each day and somehow happens to be wearing a tempting little chiffon frock when the firm fails and the young and handsome junior partner takes refuge in her office and proceeds to brandish a gun and say farewell to the world.

She suspected a new cause for it in the fancy that he had lately taken for Alice Lucas, the girl in the white chiffon, who had piped to Mariette in vain. Not that he ever now wanted to see her. He had passed into a phase indeed of refusing all society except that of George Anderson. A floor of the Portman Square house was given up to him.

He sat down at the table, but could not eat. The Past had come from its grave, veiled, like the ghost in the garden that he had seen yesterday. It was not an hallucination, then. Only one person in the world could have laid those discoloured pearls at his door in the dead of night. The black figure in the garden, with the chiffon fluttering about its head, was Evelina Grey or what was left of her.