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"Why not?" aggressively. "I trust you do not share Barbara's suddenly developed prejudice against the good doctor." "I do not require a physician," she said evasively. "I am well." McIntyre regarded her vexedly. He could not decide whether her flushed cheeks were from fever or the result of exertion or excitement. Excitement over what?

For the outfit came in late in the afternoon following the night which had marked the death of Lawson the straw-boss explaining that he had received explicit orders from Lawson to "work" a grass level several miles down the river. One other reason for Barbara's failure to ride to the Star a reason that she did not permit to dwell prominently in her thoughts was resentment.

Barbara's eyes flashed open; as the last stroke trembled in the air, Barbara's voice came, sharp with breathless urgence, "A quarter of ten! Quick get me to the country club!" "Take you there? Now, d'ye mean?" I ejaculated; and holding her like a baby, Bill's eyes flared into mine. "Did something happen to you back there, girl? Or did you just faint?" "Never mind about me!

When therefore her maid Randle came to Barbara's maid at seven o'clock, and said: "My old lady wants Lady Babs to get up," there was no particular pain in the breast of Barbara's maid, who was doing up her corsets. She merely answered "I'll see to it. Lady Babs won't be too pleased!"

Eric, listening with half his brain, wondered whether any one would believe him if he transplanted the room, the conversation and Lord Poynter into a play; with the other half he thought of Lady Barbara's advice that he should fall in love, if not with her, at least with somebody.

"For what did you come, then?" cry I, interrupting him, pantingly, while my eyes, wide and aghast, grow to his face. What is it that he is going to say? He from whose clasp Barbara's dead hand was freed! "Do not look at me like that!" he cries, wildly, putting up his hands before his eyes. "It reminds me great God! it reminds me "

No deviation from the resolve which he had expressed to the physician was possible. The child could not be permitted to grow up amid Barbara's surroundings. To prevent this she must submit to part from her son or her daughter, and to take the veil. In the convent she could remember the happiness which had once raised her to its loftiest height.

In the evening he dined alone and after the meal sat alone in the hotel lobby with his back to the crowd, watching through the big window the life of the street outside watching without seeing. Moodily he pulled at his cigar, his thoughts far away in Barbara's Desert where, unknown to him, Abe Lee on the buckskin horse was riding riding riding to save the work of Jefferson Worth.

The lover had condemned Barbara's unprecedented arrogance during the dance so severely that Martina found it unendurable to listen longer. Frau Sabina, too, did not know how to interpret Barbara's presence; but one thing was certain in her kindly heart this was no place for such conversation. How wet the poor girl must be!

"No, you mustn't think of tempting him to come up to town," said Michael. "Give me some tea for Aunt Barbara." This answer entranced Lady Ashbridge; she had to nudge Michael several times to show that she understood the brilliance of it, and put lump after lump of sugar into Barbara's cup in her rapt appreciation of it. But very soon she turned to Sylvia again.