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"To speak to your kind awnt like that, as has been taking your part when I'm sure I wouldn't 'a done! I'd like to see you put on bread and water till you owned up whether you've told lies or not." Mrs. Clover was moved to the point of shedding tears, though her handkerchief soon stopped the flow.

His face went from red to white, and he looked as if he would like to break a vase or tear something to pieces. "'Eavens, awnt, don't make a scene. I wouldn't a' awsked 'im, h'if I 'adn't needed more money. I'll pay him to-morrow." Mrs. Gray and David were too surprised to speak. It was plain that, when Tom Gray was angry, he dropped his h's.

I thought you was sure to know what it was, Mr. Gammon. She says a lot of you has been using her shimeful." "Oh, she does, does she?" "You should hear her talk! Now it's her landlydy now it's her awnt now it's I don't know who. To hear her she's been used shimeful. She says she's been drove out of the 'ouse. I didn't think it of you, Mr. Gammon."

Having deposited his handbag and umbrella on the sofa, he seated himself in the easy-chair, and began to blow his nose with vigour. 'Set down, Jowey; set down, bo-oy! Down't be afride of your awnt. 'Oi ain't afride! cried the youth, in a tone which supported his assertion. Mrs. Peak trembled with annoyance and indecision.

If only the burglar had not been a member of the Gray family! Then Tom Gray himself spoke. "I must say this is a nice 'ospitable way to treat a guest and a relation. 'Ere I am taken by a lot of silly children for a burglar. I, your own nephew, awnt, who 'ad come down stairs on the h'innocent h'errand of finding some h'ice water." Mrs. Gray looked from one to another of the silent group.

When next you goes tale-telling to my awnt, she says just as nasty as she could when next you goes making trouble with my Aunt Louisa, she says, you can tell her, she says, that there's nobody but me knows where her 'usband is, and what he's a-doin' of but I wouldn't let her know, she says, not if it was to save her from death and burial in the workus!

"I met her as she was coming down just now and she was in a tearin' rage, and she says to me, she says, 'When you see my awnt, she says, 'you tell her I know all about her 'usband, and that I wouldn't tell her anything not if she went down on her bended knees! There now!"

When it was brought, he said in a frenzy, and motioning it away with his hands, "Don't awnt it! don't awnt it!" and the moment it was gone he set up frantic yells of "Awnt it! awnt it!" and Roxy had to give wings to her heels to get that thing back to him again before he could get time to carry out his intention of going into convulsions about it.

The moment Roxy's back was turned he would toddle to the presence of the tongs and say, "Like it!" and cock his eye to one side or see if Roxy was observed; then, "Awnt it!" and cock his eye again; then, "Hab it!" with another furtive glance; and finally, "Take it!" and the prize was his.

'Mother expects you to-morrow, she tells me, said Andrew, when his companion's taciturnity had suggested a change of topic. 'Shouldn't wonder if you see me over at Twybridge again before long. I was to remember your awnt and your cousin Jowey to you. You wouldn't know Jowey? the sharpest lad of his age as ever I knowed, is Jowey.