What is he whom I never think of? whilst in every solitude are those who succor our genius, and stimulate us in wonderful manners. There is a power in love to divine another's destiny better than that other can, and by heroic encouragements, hold him to his task. What has friendship so signaled as its sublime attraction to whatever virtue is in us?

I did not think of the consequences; but I might have known. She is so conscientious." "I do not call it conscientiousness to tell another's secrets," I returned. "That is because you are not Eleanore." Not having a reply for this, I said, "And so your uncle did not regard your engagement with favor?" "Favor! Did I not tell you he would never allow me to marry an Englishman?

For the essence of friendship being that two minds become as one, how can that ever take place if the mind of each of the separate parties to it is not single and uniform, but variable, changeable, and complex? Can anything be so pliable, so wavering, as the mind of a man whose attitude depends not only on another's feeling and wish, but on his very looks and nods?

A few heads carefully powdered, and some queues tolerably well braided showed the sort of care which a beginning of education or prosperity inspires. A casual spectator observing these men, all surprised to find themselves in one another's company, would have thought them the inhabitants of a village driven out by a conflagration.

I should say, rather, that it sprang from the utter humility of the disciple who instantly, absolutely, and unquestionably accepted the master's word. Be these things as they may, the Carlylean gospel came to me, not as a revelation of another's mind, but as an unveiling of a something which seemed to have been for ever my own, though until that great hour I had not dreamed of its possession.

An idle man is tempted ten times to another's once. You will never be able to keep the pledge unless you get something to do. We must assist you in this matter. What can you do besides your trade?" "I have little skill beyond my regular calling; but then, I have health, strength, and willingness; and I think these might be made useful in something."

"My Father, I do not wish to be his wife; yet thy will, not mine." A smile of triumph glittered in the Padre's eye at this confession; yet his low tone was unchanged. "Inez, I will not force thee to marry Mañuel, yet thou shalt never be another's wife. In infancy thou wast promised, and thy hand can never be joined to another. Choose you, my daughter, and choose quickly." "Padre, give me time.

There was nothing more to be seen outside or to serve as a pretence for keeping their looks from following their thoughts. Their eyes met. It was a deep and an eloquent look, full of unuttered meaning, which each turned upon the other; and each seemed to read in the eyes of the other all the secrets of the heart; and standing thus they looked into one another's hearts.

What will you do, child, without me, when the people of this colony are cutting one another's throats over my grave? What will become of you when I am gone?" "Dear grandpapa, before that comes the question, What will you do without me? What will become of you when I am gone into that dull place? You know very well, grandpapa, that you cannot spare me." The old man's frame was shaken with sobs.

While He prays for us, we can pray one for another, and for all the saints. He intercedes; we can intercede. He washes our feet, typical of the cleansing by the Word. We are to wash one another's feet. He carries our burdens, but the exhortation also is that we carry one another's burden. He forgives and restores.