"He went away six year ago," corrected she; "but it's two years now since aught was heard of him, and his ship went down, sir, coming back from Afriky that we know; but word came that the crew were saved, but never a word from him, nor a word of him, since." "Did she" his throat would hardly frame the words a nervous spasm impeded them; yet he could not but ask "did she care for him?"

What wid Turks an' Moors an' Jews, an' white slaves of every lingo under the sun, I can't rightly make out to remimber which it is Europe, Asia, Afriky, or Ameriky that I'm livin' in! Never mind, yer all right wid that blissid cownsl at yer back, an' this purty little thing in yer pokit." He became silent, and seemed a little perplexed at this point, looking about as if in search of something.

He lives in a little cabin on a street by the wharf, and devotes his time to fishing, at which he is very expert. Upon being questioned regarding the fight, he seemed rather hazy as to dates, but was positive as to the time he first saw America: "De wah ob de rebenue was jes' clar' peace when I land at Charleston from Afriky. Was young man den, jes' growd.

Now all the wine that could be made out o' them grapes o' yourn wouldn't s'ply half the churches in this country, not to mention Europe an' Asie, an' Afriky; an' as long as that's the case, I don't see as you're called on to know that your wine's used fer anything but religious purposes.

"Depend on't though I mak' nae pretence to the gift o' prophecy he'll come oot as a bard yet the bard o' Glen Lynden maybe, or Sooth Afriky. Hech, sirs!" added Sandy, pointing with a look of surprise to a tree, many of the pendent branches of which had peculiar round-shaped birds'-nests attached to them, "what's goin' on there, think 'ee?"

I have sent tickets to the village pastures and their famylis, as yu requested and they red the notises last Sunday and advised everybuddy to go. I have gut public opinion all rite for yu here, now cum on with yer panyrammer of Afriky. Yure's trooly, B. PERSIMMON, p.m.

"I've heard tell," said Long Jim, who also contemplated the prodigy, "that big, chunky, awkward-lookin' things are sometimes ez spry ez you. They say that the Hipperpotamus kin outrun the giraffe across the sands uv Afriky, an' I know from pussonal experience that the bigger an' clumsier a b'ar is the faster he kin make you scoot fur your life.

"She ain't nothin' so wonderful of a State as you might think: she ain't no bigger 'n Maine 'n' New York and Alabamy, 'n' Afriky 'n' Bar Harbor all put into one!" "Great heavens!" said I, scratching my feeble little cane into the earth, "is she that?"

He was standing still, on the walk near the fence, gazing at the batting and catching with so deep an interest that his mouth would stay open, when he suddenly found himself "surrounded." "Hullo, Dick, what you got in your basket?" "Groceries! Groceries! Fresh from Afriky." "Let's see 'em." "Jes' you keep off, now." "Give us that basket." "Don't you tech a thing!" "What you got, Midnight?"

"To think," continued the Scot, "that we should foregather wi' Goliath amang the heeland hills o' Afriky; an' him fond o' his dram tae Hech, man! look there at the puggies." He pointed as he spoke to a part of the precipice where a group of baboons were collected, gazing indignantly and chattering furiously at the intruders on their domain.