"In Nantes," he wrote, "I found the old regime in its worst form." He knew the jargon of Liberty, the tune that set the patriots a-dancing. "Carrier's insolent secretaries emulate the intolerable haughtiness of a ci-devant minister's lackeys. Carrier himself lives surrounded by luxury, pampered by women 'and parasites, keeping a harem and a court. He tramples justice in the mud.

"The pickets are fast retreating, boys, The last tattoo is beating, boys, So let every man Finish his can, And drink to our next merry meeting, boys. The colonel so gayly prancing, boys, Has a wonderful trick of advancing, boys, When he sings out so large, 'Fix bayonets and charge! He sets all the Frenchmen a-dancing, boys.

It was some unfamiliar tune, but when the Semi-drunk Painter heard it he rose unsteadily to his feet and began shuffling and dancing about, singing: 'Oh, we'll inwite you to the wedding, An' we'll 'ave a glorious time! Where the boys an' girls is a-dancing, An' we'll all get drunk on wine. ''Ere! that's quite enough o' that! cried the landlord, roughly. 'We don't want that row 'ere.

'Twas quite as bad, they vowed, as if the priest should suddenly desert his parish, with none to shepherd his abandoned flock. 'Who'll cheer us in our doldrums? they demanded. 'Who'll help us bear our troubles by making us forget them? Thou canst not leave us, Piper, until some other merry soul comes by to set our feet a-dancing. Now thou art come." "Yes, I! A merry soul indeed!"

Do these mean past or future conquests?” he asked with his smile. “Both,” laughed the doctor. “I’m trying to pick out a clean pair for the dance to-night.” “You go a-dancing, then?” “Don’t you know it’s our own monthly ball here?” “Of course,” said Mr Beveridge, passing his hand quickly across his brow. “I must have heard, but things pass so quickly through my head nowadays.”

A big fire was blazing in the centre; on a pole near it hung the scalps they had taken, and they were a-dancing round it and howling and yelling. I didn't see any signs of the gal; but as there were two redskins with their rifles hanging about the door of a wigwam next to that of the chief, I had no doubt she was there.

"O, Barney," said she, "that's the pleasantest news I heard this month o' Sundays sich dancin' as we'll have! and maybe I won't foot it, and me got my new shoes and drugget gown last week;" and here she lilted a gay Irish air, to which she set a-dancing with a lightness of foot and vivacity of manner that threw her whole countenance into a most exquisite glow of mirthful beauty.

He set the children a-dancing, and as Ellen did not know how, he kept her by him, and kept her very much amused, too, in his own way; then he would have her join in the dancing, and bade Ellen Chauncey give her lessons.

It should be something with a leg in it, lad; something hot that will warm your courage for ye, and set your blood a-dancing, and make ye talk brave and merry; and will you have a bit of a broil first? No? Well then, you'll have a drop o' punch? ye sha'n't say no." And so, all resistance overpowered, the consolation of Philip Feltram proceeded.

If the lad leave, he begged them to bind him to the birch that stood there. Little Freddy was not slow in getting his fiddle to speak, and all that were there fell a-dancing at once, those who went on two legs, and those who went on four. Both the dean and the parson, the lawyer and the sheriff, masters and men, dogs and pigs they all danced and laughed and barked and squealed at one another.