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So that the following week saw us on the south side of the tropic of Capricorn, the south-east trade done, and the dirty weather and variable squalls, which nearly always precede the "westerlies," making our lives a burden to us. Here, however, we were better off than in an ordinary merchantman, where doldrums are enough to drive you mad.

The flag of the San Francisco yacht club has floated among the South Sea Islands; one of its boats has beaten the German and English types in their own waters; one has been as far as the Australian seas; one is a pearl fisher in the Gulf of California, and another is coquetting with the doldrums along the Mexican coast.

"I try to forget it as much as possible," and Maryllia's eyes were full of a sweet wistfulness as she spoke "Especially here in my father's home!" "Oh well!" said Lady Beaulyon, with a touch of impatience "You are a strange girl you always were! You can 'live good, or try to, if you like; and stay down here all alone with the doldrums and the humdrums. But you'll be sick of it in six months.

They who have known the doldrums how the sails of the listless ship droop, and the hope of escape dies day by day may understand something of the life Gyp began living now. On a ship, even doldrums come to an end. But a young woman of twenty-three, who has made a mistake in her marriage, and has only herself to blame, looks forward to no end, unless she be the new woman, which Gyp was not.

To make matters still more unpleasant, a heavy ground swell began to set through the straits, and the squadron having fires drawn at the time we all found ourselves in the doldrums. Still, however, there was something of a current which had its effect on the ships, so that it was impossible to keep in anything like station.

I went out to question the gardeners and found a man who had seen Jerry awhile before, entering the path into the woods behind the house. Mr. Benham was hatless, the fellow said, and walked rapidly, his head bent. Even then I did not suspect where he was going. I thought that he had merely gone to "walk it off," a phrase we had for our own cure for the doldrums.

Doris attended to her business, which required the help of her married cousin and a round of certain shops. Almost the last article they bought was a piano, the one luxury Doris longed for, a treat they had promised themselves as soon as the cedar got them out of the financial doldrums.

On the question of politics, 'I venture to state, he remarked, in anything but the tone of a venture, 'that no educated man of ordinary sense who has visited our colonies will come back a Liberal. As for a man of sense and education being a Radical, he scouted the notion with a pooh sufficient to awaken a vessel in the doldrums.

Cardington," she said gaily, "don't stand there like a clock-tower, without striking a note, but take Mr. Littleford's place here by me." He did as she commanded, and having given his order, he took out a cigarette and puffed meditatively. "Now please don't fall into the doleful doldrums," she protested, "when we 've had such an enlivening evening."

The sound of his voice reassured her it was calm, quiet, confident. Some color came back into her face, and she smiled. "I believe I was beginning to get the doldrums," she said. "That wouldn't be startling, Miss Wharton. Life in a line camp does become monotonous. It is to be expected. It becomes tragic. Also, it has a humorous side viewed from a distance chiefly afterward.

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