Now I'm not married and I object to these wholesale classifications. Besides, my friend has the most conclusive answer. 'I wait for it, said Madame Variani. Reggie delicately unsheathed his banana. 'Well, some of us once enquired what he meant by it, and he said: "My dear fellow, I've asked all the beautiful women I know to marry me, and they won't! Now!

I'd be content with cleanliness and conduct." There was a general laugh, in the midst of which Reggie remarked: 'I thought it the most touching situation. But Madame Variani has the heart of a stone. Madame Variani looked down upon him unmoved. She and the charming lad were fast friends. 'I will wager you he never asked, she said quietly. Reggie protested. 'No he never asked.

It was the Marmor Batthium of the ancients, and two of the large columns in the principal portal of the Church of Santa Croce in Jerusalemme are remarkably fine specimens of it, probably taken from the Villa of Heliogabalus, in whose gardens, called the Horti Variani, the church was built.

'The Pope, Madame, should establish some dames d'honneur. Then he would have all the ladies too on his side. 'O, mon Dieu! he has enough of them, cried Madame Variani. 'But here comes Mr. Manisty, I must drink my tea and hold my tongue. I am going out to dinner to-night, and if one gets hot and cross, that is not good for the complexion.

Some fresh worry I suppose and all his fault. Now look at that! For another group Lucy, her new acquaintance the Count, and Madame Variani had crossed the path of the first. And Manisty had left Eleanor's side to approach Miss Foster. All trace of abstraction was gone. He looked ill at ease, and yet excited; his eyes were fixed upon the girl. He stooped towards her, speaking in a low voice.

'Oh! you have now too many French cooks in England! said Madame Variani, shrugging her plump shoulders. 'What in the world has that got to do with it? cried the Ambassador. 'Your young men are too comfortable, said the lady, with a calm wave of the hand towards Reggie Brooklyn. 'That's what I am told.

Madame Variani tilted back her chair to look after them. 'Ah! your nephew can be agreeable too, when he likes, she said to Miss Manisty. 'I do not say no. But when he talks of these poor Italians, he is mechant mechant! As for Lucy Foster, as Manisty passed out of sight, she felt her pulses still tingling with a wholly new sense of passionate hostility dislike even.

Reggie and his companion, who were in a full tide of 'chaff' and laughter, turned towards him. 'Sir, said Brooklyn, 'Madame Variani is attacking my best friend. 'Many of us find that agreeable, said the Ambassador. 'Ah! but she makes it so personal, said Reggie, dallying with his banana. 'She abuses him because he's not married and calls him a selfish fop.

His irregular and most animated face was full of talent and wilfulness. He liked Madame Variani, and thought the American girl handsome. But it mattered very little to him with whom he talked; he could have chattered to a tree-stump. He was over-flowing with the mere interest and jollity of life. 'Have you known Mr.

Englishmen don't ask ladies to marry them any more. 'Let Madame Variani prove her point, said the Ambassador, raising one white hand above the hubbub, while he hollowed the other round his deaf ear. 'This is a most interesting discussion. 'But it is known to all that Englishmen don't get married any more! cried Madame Variani.