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"Via trita, via tuta." In the path from one Indian village to another may often be observed an inexplicable deviation from the beeline, and then a return to the line again. It is where in some past year some dead animal or some offensive thing has fallen in the path and lain there.

If politically and socially Germany were a little more sure of herself, if she were not ever omnia tuta timens Dido; and if England were not as ever quite so sure of herself, I believe intercourse between them would be less strained. "The little gnat-like buzzings shrill, The hurdy-gurdies of the street. The common curses of the will These wrap the cerements round our feet."

They had been selected, together with four others of the dead boy's friends, to act as pall-bearers, and on Monday forenoon performed their part in the impressive ceremonies, which were held under the Liberty Tree, when beneath it was placed for a brief time the coffin bearing on its head the inscription, "Innocentia nusquam tuta;" on the foot, "Latat anguis in herba;" and on either side, "Hæret lateri lethalis arundo."

They were in Latin, but a gentleman with a kindly face, Master Lovell, translated them to the people. "Latet Anguis in Herba." "Hoeret Lateris lethalis Armada." "Innocentia nusquam in tuta." The serpent is lurking in the grass. The fatal dart is thrown. Innocence is nowhere safe. All the bells were tolling.

"What, then, is your grievance, my good friend?" Our hosier knight, though deft with needle and keen with lance, has a stammering tongue. He answers: "Tuta tuta tuta tuta too much taxes!"

For if they please to look into the original design of its erection, and the circumstances or adjuncts subservient to that design, they will soon acknowledge the present practice exactly correspondent to the primitive institution, and both to answer the etymology of the name, which in the Phoenician tongue is a word of great signification, importing, if literally interpreted, "The place of sleep," but in common acceptation, "A seat well bolstered and cushioned, for the repose of old and gouty limbs;" senes ut in otia tuta recedant . Fortune being indebted to them this part of retaliation, that as formerly they have long talked whilst others slept, so now they may sleep as long whilst others talk.

The stoutest and most resolute natures render even their seclusion glorious and exemplary: "Tuta et parvula laudo, Quum res deficiunt, satis inter vilia fortis Verum, ubi quid melius contingit et unctius, idem Hos sapere et solos aio bene vivere, quorum Conspicitur nitidis fundata pecunia villis." A great deal less would serve my turn well enough.

His body was interred in the church of Sant Andrea at Rome, and was subsequently transferred to Milan to be deposited finally under the stone which covered the bones of his father in the church of San Marco. This tomb, which Jerome had erected after Fazio's death, bore the following inscription: FACIO CARDANO Mors fuit id quod vixi: vitam mors dedit ipsa, Mens æterna manet, gloria tuta quies.

Don't let me go, my husband hold me tight. They can't whatever happens. Not for always and so soon! Pause of ten minutes. G. buries his face in the side of the bed while ayah bends over bed from opposite side and feels MRS. G.'s breast and forehead. Ai! Tuta -phuta! My Memsahib! Not getting not have got! Pusseena agya! The Dev What inspired you to stop the punkah?

non est tua tuta voluntas. Magna petis, Phaëton, et quæ nec viribus istis Munera conveniant, nec tam puerilibus annis! They should have given him the salutary caution that the fiery steeds which he aspired to guide required the hand of restraint and not the voice of incitement 'Sponte suâ properant; labor est inhibere voluntas; Parce, puer, stimulis, ac fortius uteri loris.