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If, indeed, the Arab account of the disorganization of the Moslem forces be correct, the battle was as well timed on the part of Charles as it was, beyond all question, well fought. The monkish chroniclers, from whom we are obliged to glean a narrative of this memorable campaign, bear full evidence to the terror which the Saracen invasion inspired, and to the agony of that great struggle.

"Damn it, what's yon!" whispered Mr. Gallosh. "Ze pipes! Gallosh, how beastly he does play!" In point of fact the air seemed to consist of only one wailing note. "Bong!" they heard the first stroke of midnight on the big clock on the Castle Tower; and so unfortunately had Count Bunker timed the candle that on the instant its flame expired. "Vithdraw ze curtains!" gasped the Baron.

The very example of so eminent a man would have drawn upon the poet a less vague and more inquiring species of admiration; the increased circulation of copies the more frequent public recitals were advantages timed at that happy season when the people who enjoyed them had grown up from wondering childhood to imitative and studious youth.

So he wrote a letter to the lord Robert de la Marck, who was at Sedan, in which he hinted at a rumour he had heard that the Count might be persuaded to become an ally of the King of France. Bayard added that he desired nothing more, but Sickingen must lose no time, for his camp would soon be hemmed in by the approaching Swiss and by a sortie well timed from the town.

From his station behind the long counter, which was made of four heavy planks supported on barrels at either end, he had poured strange mixtures into beer mugs and exchanged them for good government coin. When he was not performing his part as bartender, he was scraping illy timed tunes upon a fiddle.

Twenty-five years is not an impassable gulf, is it?" "Certainly not, my dear prince. My remark was an ill timed pleasantry which you must pardon. Is she, then, so young?" "Twenty-five." "Let me see; her ball is for to-morrow or rather, to-night, since it is now morning." "Yes. Will you go with me? I will then have the pleasure of presenting you." "Thank you; yes."

There was felt a quick, childlike impulse for hands all round and such a singing of "Auld Lang Syne" as would have brought the police on the run. By long practice and the most accurate chronometric reckoning, old Mr. Beirne timed his proceedings to a decimal. The last line of the slow-read poem died in a deafening uproar without. At Mr.

You are not angry at me, are you?" she added, suavely She simply could not afford to lose the rent I paid her Since then she held herself at a respectful distance from me I called on smiling Mrs. Dienstog, my former landlady, in whose house I was no stranger. I timed this visit at an hour when I knew her to be alone In this venture I met with scarcely any resistance at first.

Their reactions are never less than incisive, and, therefore, the truths of the lesson groove themselves deep in their consciousness. What is meant by the time element in teaching? How is an operation in a factory timed? For what purpose? What are some of the results that have accrued from the timing of work by efficiency experts? How can teaching be timed approximately?

The ignition was timed so that the firing spark occurred when the cylinder was 26 degrees before the position in which the piston was at the outer end of its stroke, and this timing gave a maximum pressure in the cylinder just after the piston had passed this position.