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One pleasant morning after passing a restless night, I observed her to gaze earnestly upward, and a moment after I called her name but received no answer. "Her languishing head was at rest; Its thinkings and achings were o'er; Her quiet, immoveable breast, Was heaved by affliction no more." On the fifteenth day of April, 1837, she sweetly fell asleep, aged eleven years.

"Just like Goodson; it's got all the marks. He had only one vanity; he thought he could give advice better than any other person." "It settled the business, and saved us, Mary. The subject was dropped." "Bless you, I'm not doubting that." Then they took up the gold-sack mystery again, with strong interest. Soon the conversation began to suffer breaks interruptions caused by absorbed thinkings.

As each man is to himself the most important thing in the world, each man is an egotist in his thinkings, in his desires, in his fears. It does not, however, follow that each man must be an egotist as the word is popularly understood in his speech. But even although this were the case, the world would be divided into egotists, likable and unlikable.

No wise teacher is ever afraid of repeating himself. The average mind requires the reiteration of truth before it can make that truth its own. One coat of paint is not enough, it soon rubs off. Especially is this true in regard to lofty spiritual and religious truth, remote from men's ordinary thinkings, and in some senses unwelcome to them.

"Be still the unimaginable lodge For solitary thinkings; such as dodge Conception to the very bourn of Heaven, Then leave the naked brain; be still the leaven That, spreading in this dull and clodded earth, Gives it a touch ethereal, a new birth."

Democracy, sure enough, is here; one knows not how long it will keep hidden underground even in Russia; and here in England, though we object to it resolutely in the form of street-barricades and insurrectionary pikes, and decidedly will not open doors to it on those terms, the tramp of its million feet is on all streets and thoroughfares, the sound of its bewildered thousand-fold voice is in all writings and speakings, in all thinkings and modes and activities of men: the soul that does not now, with hope or terror, discern it, is not the one we address on this occasion.

The radical alteration in his habits and outlook which the preceding six weeks had produced, the excitement of unpacking the treasures now displayed in the gallery, the constant thinkings and plannings connected with Faversham and the future, and, lastly, the interview just concluded, had tried his strength. Certain symptoms symptoms of old age annoyed him though he would not admit it.

And there to be Joy again, and we then the better abled to have that delight into our hearts; for how shall Joy ever to come truly again to that heart which bitterness hath made a place for the abode of sorrow. And truly, I to cease from these thinkings also; for my story to wait upon me, and these things that I do say do be plain unto you, and to have no need to the telling.

There is no cure for terror like action: in a few moments I could have approached the verge of any precipice at least without abject fear. The silence no longer a horrible vacancy appeared to tremble with unuttered thinkings. The manhood within me was alive and awake. I could not recognize a single landmark, or discover the least vestige of a path.

The king now discovered that this was not merely the church of the Shadows, but their news exchange at the same time. For, as the shadows have no writing or printing, the only way in which they can make each other acquainted with their doings and thinkings, is to meet and talk at this word-mart and parliament of shades.