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Both t'other ones he'd seen over and over agin, but Niagara he'd never sot eyes on. "So as soon as he arrives, he goes into the public room, and looks at the white waters, and, sais he, 'Waiter, sais he, 'is them the falls down there? a-pintin' by accident in the direction where the Falls actilly was. "'Yes, Sir, sais the waiter. "'Hem! sais Rufe, 'them's the Falls of Niagara, eh!

"Aren't my chessmen there? and my Indian canoe? and my moccasins? "Yes, Miss Daisy, all them's here." "Well, the spoon is there too, then; it was with the canoe and the moccasins." "It ain't here, Miss Daisy." "Then look in all the other drawers, June." June did so; no spoon. Daisy half raised herself up for a frightened look towards her "cabinet."

Them's the very words you used. Says you: 'Baldy's in trouble, says you. And then we come on the run." "And we calculated we'd find the young ladies, and the rest of the outfit here, too," went on Bow. "When they didn't come back to the ranch last night we was all alarmed, and went off to the place they were goin' to make pictures.

"'Bout a thousand pounds for the biggest game fishes, them's black sea-bass," the man answered; "leastways there was an eight-hundred pounder brought in, and lots of us have seen bigger ones." "But how can they catch fishes that size on a little bit of a spindling rod and a line so fine you can hardly see it?" "They don't," was the reply, "not that big.

'Pears like he ain't never studied no grammar nor good English, nor nothin', an' them's my opinions. He do talk the funniest, an' mos' times I don't hardly make no sense of it. But," with a heavy, long-drawn sigh, "what was yer both of ye thinkin' it was bes' to do?"

"Each of them's going to get £500 a minute for the time they fight." "Beats taxis," said the cabman. "It's hardly fair to criticise the amount," Mr. Clarkson expostulated pleasantly; "the £500 represents prolonged training and practice in the art. As Whistler said, the payment is not for a day's work, but for a lifetime."

The lads were seated on the bank of a small brook, fishing. "Perfesser wants yo' immediate," said Washington. "But we haven't caught a single fish," objected Mark. "Them's the orders from headquarters," replied the colored man. "Yo' both got t' project yo'selves in th' vicinity of th' machine shop.

'Them's our sentiments, too, only we hadn't quite decided how to put it. Now go off and die happily, and only give Angela two." Philip returned thanks automatically, clutched the box and fled before any one should interfere to revoke this wonderful gift from Heaven. Angela wriggled her small, blue-overalled body down and went in passionate pursuit.

A grey soldier stopped them: "Here! Here! What'ell's the matter with you? Them's your own guns. What are ye tryin' to get away from 'em for?" Men were falling now at every step. Ned had advanced a hundred yards further when the boy on his right suddenly threw his hands over his head and his leg full to the ground, cut off by a cannon ball, Ned leaped to his side and caught him in his arms.

But them's bigger cracks than or'nar'." The old Malay was right as to the cause, but wrong as to distance. Instead of being a volcano "close at hand," it was Krakatoa eviscerating itself a hundred miles off, and the sound of its last grand effort "extended over 50 degrees = about 3000 miles."

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