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I am ashamed to say I forgot to ask for her. 'Very well, thank you. The thaid you promithed to come over and help to arrange the decorationth. I hope you will. 'Thank you, yes. Perhaps Miss Gwynne will ride over with me to-morrow; will you, Freda? 'I am engaged to-morrow, said Freda shortly.

The purple cherub raised his head and opening one fat hand displayed a small carved bear of Swiss manufacture. "He thaid it could be my bear for alwayth," he declared triumphantly. "What did Arthur say when you walked into his room?" asked Dorothy. "He laughed so hard I wath going to come away, but he called me back." "Girls, he laughed," repeated Charlotte impressively.

I can't tell you, he thaid so much about my lookth, that I am thure he made me bluth. 'Did you believe him? 'Yeth; and I think he liketh me better than mamma. 'Do you think there is any one else in the world besides your mamma and yourself? 'Well, yeth, of courth. 'Then why don't you sometimes talk of some one else? Do you like Colonel Vaughan, for instance? 'Oh!

"Wilfred, have you nearly finished your work?" "Nearly, Mater," said the industrious Wilfred, manufacturing mountains tirelessly. "Just got to stick in a few more things." "Say 'put, darling, not 'stick. Cecilia, you might point out those little details that is, if you took any interest in their English." "Thethilia thaid 'awfully' jutht now," said Queenie, in a shrill pipe.

"What did he say?" "What did he thay! talked about the Jewth: what a grand rathe they were how people mithjudged them: all that thort of rot. "Thaid thome of the motht honorable men he had ever met had been Jewth. Thought I wath one of 'em!" "Well, did you get anything out of him?" "Get anything out of him. Of courthe not.

'You are tho tirethome, Freda; of courthe there are other thingth, but one cannot think of them all at onthe. Every one ithent tho clever ath you. Colonel Vaughan thaid I talked quite enough for any young lady. Gentlemen didn't like ladieth who talked too much. 'Indeed! Where was your mamma when he said that? 'Oh! the didn't hear him.

Hayward, and he sent him a message. He said, 'Tell him to grow up a fine man, and fight for his country, and not to forget me before we meet again. The little chap fought back his tears when I gave him the message, and he said: 'Tell him, I thaid dammit, tho I will. But they're young, and they've got each other, most of the other folks here, and I've got nothing nothing.

Why, I wouldn't have missed this for anything!" And there came a knock at the door. Even Eph looked a trifle blank at this. If it should be company! "Come in!" he called. The door was pushed aside and a big, steaming platter entered. It was upheld by a small boy, who stammered diffidently, "My moth-moth-mother thaid she wanted you to try thum of her nith turkey."

"Ithn't there anything else?" Rand, studying in silence the clouds and the whirling dust, had started down the step or two to the path between the marigolds. He paused. "I can't think of anything, Vinie"; then, after a moment, and very oddly, "Would you give me, once more, a cup of cool water?" Vinie brought it in her hand. "You always thaid this water washed the dust off clean."

"It thall never be thaid that the petty thpite of any thmall-thouled villain hath dithabled the Newth, and if thith meet the eye of the detethtable rathcal, we beg to athure him that he underethtimated the rethourceth of a firtht-clath newthpaper when he thinkth he can cripple it hopelethly by breaking into the alphabet.

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