At times R.C. when he was tired fell victim to discouragement and he would make some caustic remark: "I don't know about you. I've a hunch you like to pack a rifle because it's heavy. And you go dreaming along! Sometime a bear will rise up and swipe you one!" Takahashi passed from concern to grief over what he considered my bad luck: "My goodnish!

Keep your een well doon the coorse, man." He began to swing as if he meant to murder the wee ba', and I strained my een. I heard him strike, and I looked awa' doon the coorse, as he had bid me do. But never hide nor hair o' the ba' did I see. It was awesome. "Hoots, Mac," I said, "ye must ha' hit it an awfu' swipe. I never saw it after you hit it." He was smiling, but no as if he were amused.

"Mine's lying down to rest," Jimmie went on. "I'm goin' up to feel his pulse." "If he gets a swipe at you, you'll wish you hadn't been so curious about his old pulse," Peter observed. But Jimmie did not at once go toward the wounded beast. The great cat lifted its head, gave a cry that echoed and re-echoed through the forest, and sprang for the tree.

She imagined it praying to the earth that magically brought it into life to shrink its size into something so much smaller than a cat in order to be at all. She did not know why it happened. She just did not kill the cat but instead watched it masquerade itself as dead. Gabriele picked up the cat by the neck and the four eyes met. The cat did not swipe.

"You have, eh?" said Jimmie Ben, savagely. "Yes," said Hughie, in sudden anger, for he had not forgotten Jimmie Ben's cruel swipe. "We don't need any more time than we've got, and we don't need to play any dirty tricks, either. We're going to beat you. We've got you beaten now." "Blank your impudent face! Wait you! I'll show you!" said Jimmie Ben.

Six per ain't all de dough dere is in de woild, but, bein' cashier, see, you can swipe a whole heap more whenever you feel like it. And if Tony registers a kick, I'll come around and talk to him see? Dat's right. Good-morning, loidy." And, having delivered these admirable hints to young cashiers in a hurry to get rich, Mr.

The boy who had commanded his presence jolted him in the back with his knee and said, using the school argot for to cheer or shout, "Swipe up, you ghastly young ass! Swipe up! Can't you see they're pressing us?" Couldn't he see! He felt that the end of the world was coming at what he saw.

Jones, and with a side swipe of his foot he swept aside her pile of ice lumps, raised the steel rod in both hands and drove it down with all his force just where the ice mound had stood, and cried with all his power in a fur-muffled voice, "The North Pole!" And Mrs.

Verdi would tolerate her briefly and then swipe her in the nose. Woof would yelp and jump back, feelings hurt. Verdi would leap to a windowsill and ignore her. Oliver stayed away from Suzanne, although he badly wanted to talk to her. He could have gotten out of the hospital Christmas party if he had made an effort. He didn't.

The other clerks would swipe to me, and the heads would credit me with brains before I showed whether I had any or not. I want you to get me a job in Wall Street under any other name than my own except Percy" they both laughed "your first name and mamma's maiden name would do James Holden.