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Nor was his wonder without sufficient cause, for the flourish of the squire's staff, marvellous to relate, had described precisely the signal in the air which was to ratify the message of the prophetic sage whom Cranfield had sought around the world. "And what," inquired Ralph Cranfield, with a tremor in his voice "what may this office be which is to equal me with kings and potentates?"

He seemed more at ease in the Squire's society than the doctor, who, though a gentleman, was a shy one, and a mere shadow of his professional brother. "As you truly say," remarked Paynter, "the story seems touched with quite barbarous elements, probably Negro. Originally, though, I think there was really a hagiological story about some hermit, though some of the higher critics say St.

What she would have had him share from the pride of her heart, she should have warned him to avoid from the temptations to sinful extravagance which it led him into. He had begun to spend more than he ought, not in intellectual though that would have been wrong but in purely sensual things. His wines, his table, should be such as no squire's purse or palate could command.

Molly had grown very fond of Aimee; when the latter was at her ease she had very charming and attaching ways; but feeling uneasy in her position in the squire's house, she was almost repellent to him; and he, too, put on his worst side to her. Roger was most anxious to bring them together, and had several consultations with Molly as to the best means of accomplishing this end.

At last, however, the Mile End matter was exhausted, and then Robert, as good luck would have it, turned his longing eyes on the squire's books, especially on the latest volumes of a magnificent German Weltgeschichte lying near his elbow, which he had coveted for months without being able to conquer his conscience sufficiently to become the possessor of it.

He shouldered her modest boxes and bags with a will, and a housemaid, all smiles, came running half way downstairs to take some of his burden from him. Elizabeth followed the butler and took Mrs. Gaddesden's hand. 'My train was late. I hope you've not waited tea? 'Why, of course we have, said the Squire's voice. 'Forest! tea at once.

I should say from the last accounts that he was breaking. 'He had a mysterious attack of illness just before I left, said Robert gravely. 'It made one anxious. 'Oh, it is the old story. All the Wendovers have died of weak hearts or queer brains generally of both together. I imagine you had some experience of the squire's queerness at one time, Mr. Elsmere.

All the while he was muttering, 'Turncoat! eh? turncoat? proof that the word had struck where it was aimed. For me, after thinking on it, I had a superstitious respect for the legacy, so I determined, in spite of the squire's laughter over 'Sixty pounds per annum! to let it rest in my name: I saw for the first time the possibility that I might not have my grandfather's wealth to depend upon.

Steve was just preparing to seize the old man from behind, when Squire Gordon, struggling to his feet among the spittoons, cried out, in the voice of a colonel of Fourth of July militia: "H-O-L-D!" Silence was restored, and all stood around in expectant attitudes to hear the Squire's explanation.

The squire's mood in the next few days was anything but genial, and his family, his servants, his farm-hands, his tenants, and in fact all whom he encountered, received a share of his spleen. His ill-nature was not a little increased by hearing indirectly, through his overseer, that it was the elder Hennion who had planned the surprise party; and in revenge Mr.

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