Winged insects danced sarabands in the sunshine. In a deck-chair under the cedar-tree Billie Bennett, with a sketching-block on her knee, was engaged in drawing a picture of the ruined castle. Beside her, curled up in a ball, lay her Pekinese dog, Pinky-Boodles. Beside Pinky-Boodles slept Smith, the bulldog.

The devil!" shouted the pale-eyed man, hopping in haste from his campstool and dropping a well-thumbed sketching-block as he did so. "Don't be an ass," suggested Gethryn; "you'd much better help me to get up." "Look here," cried the other, "how was I to know you were not done for?" "What's the matter with me?" said Gethryn. "Are my my legs gone?" The little man glanced at Gethryn's shoes.

Here, as in the dining-room, only the absence of conventional superfluities called for remark; each article of furniture was in simple taste; the result, an impression of plain elegance. On a little corner table lay Alma's colour-box, together with a drawing-board, a sketching-block, and the portfolio which contained chosen examples of her work.

Madame invited her to do something by way of relief to her ennui, and after a brief considering fit she said she would go into the cathedral, where it was the coolest, and take her sketching-block. Oh, for the moist glades of the Forest, for the soft turf under foot and the thick verdure overhead!

When he had finished, he refilled his glass with water, and put it next to his sketching-block. "You surely aren't thinking of beginning to paint at this time of night!" Constance exclaimed, astonished. "Oh YES, mother!" he fretfully appealed. "It's not late." Another positive ordinance of his father's had been that there should be nothing after supper except bed.

By means of a strip of lead called a leaden tape, which he pressed around and into the fillets and hollows with his finger and thumb, he transferred the exact contour of each moulding to his drawing, that lay on a sketching-stool a few feet distant; where were also a sketching-block, a small T-square, a bow-pencil, and other mathematical instruments.

When Mathieu and Marianne had gone in, they perceived their daughter-in-law, Charlotte, behind a screen near the door. Lighted by a little lamp, she sat there with a sketching-block on her knees, making a drawing of Maurice's head as it rested among the roses. Hard and anguish-bringing as was such work for one with so young a heart, she had nevertheless yielded to the mother's ardent entreaties.

Ever since, gazing appreciatively through the drawing-room windows at the charming scene outside, he had caught sight of the unforgettable form of Billie, seated in her chair with the sketching-block on her knee, he had realised that he could not go away in silence, leaving Mr. Bennett ignorant of what he was up against.

And at the same moment, looking cool and beautiful in her white dress, Phyllis entered in from the other side. Phyllis without the professor. She was wearing a panama, and she carried a sketching-block and camp-stool. "Good evening," I said. "Good evening," said she. It is curious how different the same words can sound, when spoken by different people.

Jess had recovered herself by now, and, knowing what to expect, she snatched up her sketching-block and hurried into the shelter of a little cave hollowed by water in the side of the cliff. And now with a rush of ice-cold air the tempest burst.