The smile was the smile of a sympathizing angel, but what a touch of hidden malice there was in the notes of her caressing voice! As she repinned the boutonniere, she gave the dancing eyes, that were brimming with the mirth of the coming retort, the searching inquest of her glance. "Bored! Dieu, que non!" The black little beauty threw back her throat, laughing, as she rolled her great eyes.

The Third Cavalry has divided chuck with me mor'n once, an' I ain't goin' back on one of the boys for the price of a meal." Our hands met, clasped closely lying across the desk, our eyes glowing with suddenly aroused memories of comradeship in a foreign land. Then I repinned the medal to the front of my rough shirt, gulping a bit as I strove to speak calmly.

You must let me beg of you just like an own daughter and Peggy couldn't think more of a sister! You will reconsider " Something in the way she thrust forward her head reminded me of how her tiara slipped and hitched about, on the night of her dance, and how Ned and I giggled when it had to be repinned.

Adelaide rose slowly to her feet, and, walking to her husband's dressing-table, repinned her hat, and caught up the little stray locks which grew in deep, sharp points at the back of her head. "You'll come down, too?" she said. Farron was looking about for his coat, and as he put it on he observed dryly: "The young man is seeing all the family." "Oh, he won't mind," she answered.

You are so green, a girl would come behind you and pin it on you, and you never feel her." While saying these words, Eve slyly repinned it on him without his feeling or knowing anything about it. David was impatient to be gone, but she held him a minute to advise him. "Tell her she must and shall. Don't take a denial.

Such a state of mind was inconceivable to the patient toiler, who rounded every corner with her scissors as carefully as if an untoward nick meant destruction, and pinned and repinned half-a-dozen times over before she could satisfy herself of the absence of crinkles.

She disengaged herself from the fencetop, swung over, hung an instant, and dropped into a soft flower bed. Breathing fast, disheveled, they confronted one another on the grass. His blue suit of serge was smeared with whitewash; her gown was a sight. She felt for her hat instinctively, repinned it at hazard, looked at her gloves, and began to realize what she had done.

Miss Georgie helped herself to a large bag of mixed candy, and put the money in the drawer, laid her key upon the desk for safe-keeping, repinned her white sailor hat so that the hot wind which blew should not take it off her head, and went cheerfully away to the stable. She did not saddle the horse at once.