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I most umbelly condysend to beg and beesiege your good and kind onnur's noble pardn for all this audacious interpolation, of and by witch any but your most disrespectfool onnur would say wus no better but so much mag: but I hopes and trusts your onnur, as you always have bin henceforth in times passt, is in the mind a well to take what a well is meant.

'Fro Masholme, he said, looking at her full, so that she could see all the dark, richly coloured face she had had a curiosity to see; then he added abruptly, 'We're bound Kinder way wi t' sheep reet t'other side o' t' Scout. The woman nodded. 'Aye, I know a good mony o' your Kinder foak. They've coom by here a mony year passt. But I doan't know as I've seen yo afoor. Yo're nobbut a yoong 'un.

But to let them go without a word was beyond her. She turned to the Squire. "Misther Helbeck! yo'll tell me on your conscience as it's reet and just afther aw that's passt 'at this yoong woman should go wi yo?" Laura shivered with rage and shame. Her fingers hastened. Mr. Helbeck showed no emotion whatever. "Mrs.

An she gaed passt me like a puff o' wind as cauld as ice an I wor mair deed nor alive. An I luked afther her, an she vanisht i' th' varra middle o' t' path. An my leet went oot an I durstn't ha gane on, if it wor iver so so I juist crawled back tet hoose " "The door in the wall!" thought Laura. "He didn't know it was there." She had remained in the background while Mrs.

A didn't I bob her here, and bob her there; a up and a down, aback and afore and about, with a sweet gracious a krow and a kiss for honest poor Aby, as your onnur and your onnurable Madam, my Lady, ever gracious to me a poor sinner used then to call me? Not but those times are a passt. But, a savin and exceptin your noble onnur, that's a nether here nor there.

It is agreed, effendi!" Then he ordered his prisoners made fast, and the gipsies and our Zeitoonli servants attended to it, he himself, however, binding the German's hands and feet. Will went and put bandages on the man's burns, I standing by, to help. But we got no thanks. "Ihr seit verruckt!" he sneered. "You take the side of bandits. Passt mal auf there will be punishment!"

Dyson. I seed 'im gooin passt Wigsons' this afternoon. He's nowt he's common, he is. The thin scornful voice out of the dark grated on him intolerably. He bent forward and shut his ears tight with both his hands. To judge from the muffled sounds he heard, Louie went on talking for a while; but at last there had been silence for so long, that he took his hands away, thinking she must have gone.