When I pinned them down to their reason, it was I thought: they regard you as an effeminate being, a sissy." "Good heavens!" interrupted Bok. "Fact," said Riley, "and you can't wonder at it nor blame them. You have been most industriously paragraphed, in countless jests, about your penchant for pink teas, your expert knowledge of tatting, crocheting, and all that sort of stuff.

The Tocsin paragraphed him with a fine regularity after this, usually opening with a Walrus-and-the-Carpenter gravity: "The time has come when we must speak of a certain matter frankly," or, "At last the time has arrived when the demoralization of the bar caused by a certain criminal lawyer must be dealt with as it is and without gloves."

This justification is doubly interesting because it contains nearly the entire moral law of Moses, which last, apart from all national peculiarities and habits of mind, seems to contain the quintessence of human morality and this we find ready paragraphed in our negative justification. Todtenbuch ed. Lepsius. 125.

Poly paragraphed his story with luxurious puffs at the cigar and careful attention to keep it burning evenly. "So on Tuesday after Easter they go out toget'er. Colina Gaviller ride on the sledge and Michel he break trail ahead. Come to the bench, leave the dogs in a shelter Michel build in a poplar bluff. Michel go to see his traps, and Colina walk away on her snowshoes wit' her little gun.

She turned quite white for an instant, then: "I think I'd better go and ring up the police." "No! A thousand times no! I couldn't stand that." "But the car might drop before " "Better decently dead than publicly paragraphed.... I haven't the least idea that this thing is going to drop.... Anyway, it's worth it," he added, rather vaguely.

It is an exaggeration, but still expresses a popular feeling even in Germany itself and certainly describes an impression made on the Anglo-Saxon to say that outside this bundle of laws and regulations, which, clearly and logically paragraphed, orders to a nicety all the public, and many of the private, relations of the citizens, everything is forbidden or discouraged by authority.

That it had reached her at all, said a good deal for Mrs Gildea's fame as a freely paragraphed newspaper correspondent. The telegram was phrased thus: SORRY IMPOSSIBLE NO FUNDS OTHER REASONS WRITING BIDDY Mrs Gildea's illuminative 'H'm! implied that her two inductions had been correct. No funds and other reasons meaning a MAN. She scented instantly another of Biddy's tempestuous love-affairs.

The reporters who called at his house to get the bottom facts in the case, adopted Marcia's theory, given them by Miss Strong, and whatever were their own suspicions or convictions, paragraphed him with merciful brevity as having probably wandered away during a temporary hallucination.

Eugene Field was one of Edward Bok's close friends and also his despair, as was likely to be the case with those who were intimate with the Western poet. One day Field said to Bok: "I am going to make you the most widely paragraphed man in America." The editor passed the remark over, but he was to recall it often as his friend set out to make his boast good.

Just now he was living upon his green carnation, which had been freely paragraphed in all the papers; and when that went out of vogue he had some intention of producing a revised version of the Bible, with all the inartistic passages cut out, and a rhymed dedication to Mr.