Doggoned thirsty bunch out here won't stir a foot till they sample that wine! Got to get rid of 'em somehow they claim to be full uh business as a jack rabbit is of fleas! When yuh want to git out and round up them cows? Wagon's over on Dry creek som'ers or ought to be. Yuh might take your soogans and ride ove' there tomorrow or next day and ketch 'em.

"Now, you boys that ain't got any business here, jest clair out! Go! I tell you, aw I'll " The boys loitered off toward the engine. "We can select out sev'l si-izes," he drawled, uncovering a box, "and fit you ove' in my office.

Johanné stood erect and composed; but she looked very pale, and bit her lips till they bled. Much good would that do! Ové Ramel vouchsafed his permission to Herr Daae to remain at the castle during the rest of his days; but he got no thanks for the offer. I overheard all that passed.

Like Ghirlandajo, Andrea has introduced portraits; and in the Florentine lady who stands in the foreground we recognize the features of his worthless wife Lucrezia, the original model of so many of his female figures that the ignoble beauty of her face has become quite familiar. Ital. La Presentazione, ove nostra Signora piccioletta sale i gradi del Tempio. Ger.

And yet there are many points in which he is really like Dante, and comes very near to the original image, beyond those later and feebler followers of Petrarch. He learns from Dante rather than from Plato, that for lovers, the surfeiting of desire ove gran desir gran copia affrena, is a state less happy than misery full of hope una miseria di speranza piena.

The idealist who became a reformer with Savonarola, and a republican superintending the fortification of Florence the nest where he was born, il nido ove naqqu'io, as he calls it once, in a sudden throb of affection in its last struggle for liberty, yet believed always that he had imperial blood in his veins and was of the kindred of the great Matilda, had within the depths of his nature some secret spring of indignation or sorrow.

Indi la folla si reca in via Galliera soffermandosi dinanzi al palazzo ove e la sede del Corpo d'Armata." The mob was appeased; peace was declared; the day was saved, and several of the Y-men fell on John Calhoun's neck and wept tears of gratitude because he had saved their lives.

"I know not what co'se othe's may take, my dea' madam, but as faw me, give me neither poverty naw riches; give me political indispensability; the pa-apers have drawn the mantle of charity ove' 'im, till it covers him like a circus-tent." "Ah! but what'll his church do?" The lady bent from her chair and tied her slipper. "My dea' madam, what can she do?

There are seven more "where nows," including lovers, and "proffered husbands," and "romances," and ending with the startling question and answer, the counterpoint of the former close, "Ove son l' aspre selve e i lupi adesso, E gli orsi, e i draghi, e i tigri? Son qui presso." Where now are all the woods and forests drear, Wolves, tigers, bears, and dragons? Alas, here!

After a great deal of preparatory crowing and humming, the captain began the following duet from the opera of ‘Paul and Virginia,’ in that grunting tone in which a man gets down, Heaven knows where, without the remotest chance of ever getting up again. This, in private circles, is frequently designated ‘a bass voice.’ From yon groove, the varied soongs—’