The system according to which we tried to interpret the myth is less ondoyant et divers. We do not even pretend to explain everything. We do not guess at the meaning and root of the word Cronus. We only find parallels to the myth among savages, whose mental condition is fertile in such legends.

So that, after she had lengthily deplored the untoward accident of Undine's absence, and her visitor, with a smile, and echoes of divers et ondoyant in his brain, had repeated her daughter's name after her, saying: "It's a wonderful find how could you tell it would be such a fit?" it came to her quite easily to answer: "Why, we called her after a hair-waver father put on the market the week she was born " and then to explain, as he remained struck and silent: "It's from UNdoolay, you know, the French for crimping; father always thought the name made it take.

The tune was flowing and sweet; and as our boat drifted on, the words of the singer became audible. "O miroir ondoyant! Je rève en te voyant Harmonie et lumière, O ma rivière, O ma belle rivière! "On voit se réfléchir Dans ses eaux les nuages; Elle semble dormir Entre les pâturages paissent les grands boeufs Et les grasses genisses. Au pâtres amoureux Que ses bords sont propices!"

We start with a mental attitude hardly to be called a prejudice, since it is based upon a large body of experience of profound assurance that in matters like these the will of God finds its expression in the unbroken operation of His ordinary laws, "without variableness or shadow of turning"; most people, moreover, would acknowledge that it is better that these laws should be stable and capable of being learned and depended upon than that the Divine will should be incalculable ondoyant et divers a matter of moods on His side and of importunity on ours.

Man, ondoyant et divers, is the subject alike of anthropology and of psychical research. Nor can man be caught in a 'primitive' state: his intellectual beginnings lie very far behind the stage of culture in which we find the lowest known races.

"A woman's voice," said Müller. "Dupont's words and music. She must be young and pretty ... where has she hidden herself?" The unseen singer, meanwhile, went on with another verse. "Près des iris du bord, Sous une berge haute, La carpe aux reflets d'or le barbeau ressaute, Les goujons font le guet, L'Ablette qui scintille Fuit le dent du brochet; Au fond rampe l'anguille! "O miroir ondoyant!