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Berge, "if that ain't the same writing as these texts!" "By gad, but I believe you are right," assented Mr. Carlyle. "Well, why not look inside?" The attendant, from his stooping posture, took the verdict of the ring of faces and in a trice tugged open the two buckles. The central fastening was not locked, and yielded to a touch.

And in the rim small trees are set, of well-chosen verdure, shape and size. The fountain was awarded a bronze medal. Wildflower Garden Exhibit, Colonnade One of the most varied and interesting talents among the younger men of distinction who have exhibited in the Department of Fine Arts is that of Edward Berge of Baltimore.

At nine o'clock we were invited to make some opening remarks in brother Tucker's Sabbath-school of three hundred children. Then we were conducted to another Sabbath- school, where we were invited to make a few closing remarks. At 11 o'clock we attended a meeting led by Chaplain Berge.

Edward Berge, Sculptor At sight of your form, I seem now to see A bright stretch of color across a broad lea, Where the wildflowers sway to and fro in the breeze, Where the winds sing soft lullabies up in the trees Where all is as fresh, free and wholesome as you, Little Wildflower, blooming, so sweet and so true.

The wind struck the ship with unexpected fury. As she heeled over, he lost his hold and fell into the foaming waters. He was a good swimmer, and struck out boldly. "He must be saved!" cried Berge. "Who will go with me?" and, running to the falls, prepared to lower a boat. Captain Sandford, though seeing the danger, was unwilling to stop him.

Ramsden has left property behind him, and the College can be in no danger of losing both their money and the instrument." The business of Ramsden was then undertaken by Berge, who proceeded to finish the circle quite as deliberately as his predecessor. After four years Berge promised the instrument in the following August, but it did not come.

Berge were returning from their quest. The inner box had been opened and there was no need to ask the result. The bookmaker was shaking his head like a baffled bull. "Gone, no effects," he shouted across the hall. "Lifted from 'The Safe, by crumb!" To those who knew nothing of the method and operation of the fraud it seemed as if the financial security of the Capital was tottering.

Under the branches of a low tree the poetic group by Edward Berge, "Muse Finding the Head of Orpheus," a white marble group of superior elegance and texture, arrests the passerby. A Muse kneels, drooping in exquisite pathos over the head of Orpheus found in the waves. The sculptor has chosen the tragic side of the Orphean myth.

There are so many ladies at present in the studio. 'I hear that some have left? ... Madlle. Berge has left, hasn't she? 'Yes, she has left. 'If Madlle. Berge has left, there is no reason why I should not return. M. Daveau did not answer; he smiled satirically and bade her good-bye.

Sundial by Gail Sherman Corbett. 7. Three fountain groups in one basin, all by Anna Coleman Ladd. Of these the Sun God and Python has been especially admired as a spirited and graceful bit of work. 8. Destiny by C. Percival Dietsch. 11. Sundial by Edward Berge. 12: Daughter of Pan by R. Hinton Perry. 13. Head of Lincoln by Adolph A. Weinman.