But he stayed the stroke as suddenly as if his great arms had been turned to steel, so that the axe edge rested on the rim of the vessel without so much as notching it, and at that all the onlookers cheered him. "Now it may be known," said he, smiling broadly, "why men call me Thorgils the axeman."

As it is, you have ended by notching your otherwise capable weapon beyond repair and seriously damaging the scanty cloak I wear" indicating the numerous rents that marred his dress of costly fur. "No wonder dejection sits upon your downcast brow." "Your priceless robe is a matter of profuse regret and my self-esteem can only be restored by your accepting in its place this threadbare one of mine.

He dug a hole with his knife, carefully cutting out a piece of the sod, and restoring it over the buried articles; and, after notching some trees to mark the place, he pushed in the scow again into Broad Creek, and descended the Nanticoke on the falling tide to Twiford's wharf. Dragging the scow up the bed of a creek to conceal it, he discovered another boundary stone.

Huck looked into the old man's honest eyes a moment, then bent over and whispered in his ear: "'Tain't a Spaniard it's Injun Joe!" The Welshman almost jumped out of his chair. In a moment he said: "It's all plain enough, now. When you talked about notching ears and slitting noses I judged that that was your own embellishment, because white men don't take that sort of revenge. But an Injun!

By a signal previously concerted of notching the trees, he was able to identify the spots visited by Pizarro, Puerto de Pinas, Puerto de la Hambre, Pueblo Quemado touching successively at every point of the coast explored by his countrymen, though in a much shorter time.

The walls of great unhewn logs fastened at the corners by notching; the crevices chinked up with chips and clay; the single rude square window shuttered across; the roof of basswood troughs, all blackened with age; the rough door, creaking on clumsy wooden hinges when Mr. Holt unlocked it, these were not encouraging features, viewed by the light of a future personal experience.

"I must get out of this," at last I said to myself; and so I continued moving on, occasionally notching a tree with my axe, if I thought my trail was not sufficiently distinct. "Of course they will follow," I thought more than once. I did not, indeed, entertain a doubt about it. I had reached the top of the hill, but the trees were too high to enable me to see any of the country around.

'Now, thought Guy, 'if I were sure of notching him, I'd do the speech part first; but as I'm not throwing truncheons being no honourable profession anywhere I'll reserve that. The rascal don't quail. We'll see how long he stands firm. The Goshawk cleared his wrist, fixed his eye, and swung the truncheon meditatively to and fro by one end.

The gate was then blocked to prevent its fall when its nether support should be withdrawn, and two men, leaning over cautiously, began at arm's-length to deliver their axe-strokes against the middle of the sill-timbers of the sluice itself, notching each heavy beam deeply that the force of the current might finally break it in two. The night was very dark, and very still.

If a few good broad shingles can be found, the work is even much easier, mere splitting and notching being then all that is necessary. The upright stick should be considerably shorter than the bait stick, and have a length of about ten inches, one end being nicely pointed, and the broad side of the other extremity supplied with a notch similar to the bait stick.