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For a while Dorcas had been rather nervous of leaving the house in Allhallowes unless Reuben was waiting for her. But as she had seen no more of the gallant who had accosted her, and as it was said on all hands that these had left London in hundreds, she had taken courage of late, and had bidden her brother not incommode himself on her account, if it were difficult for him to be her escort home.

Often she's talked to you, too, I bet my hat, about sitting up late and exhausting the nervous faculties." Major Flint choked and laughed and inhaled tobacco smoke till he got purple in the face.

A great deal of heat and yet brightness; white wainscoting, white marbles, immense windows, nothing stifling or shut in, and yet a uniform atmosphere meet for the surrounding of some rare existence, refined and nervous.

"You think he needs one?" "He has a tiresome malady, I understand." "What malady?" "Doesn't he suffer very much from nervous dyspepsia?" She looked at him with irony, which changed almost instantly into serious reflection. But the irony returned. "Now and then he has a touch of it," she said. "Very few of us don't have something. But we have to go on, and we do go on, nevertheless."

Now the King sat on his throne with cotton wool stuffed in his ears, in case there should by accident be the least sound in the palace. But, in spite of that, he heard the clatter of Sunny's shoes coming closer and closer, and he began to feel terribly nervous lest there really was going to be a noise at last. "What is that noise?

Do I smell of it?" "I can smell scent, sir nothing else." "That's right. Well, he said something like you did; but I always get so nervous, and feel as if he was chaffing me. You see, I want to look well to-night. You know why, Smithson." "Yes, sir; I can guess." "Of course. She's coming." "I guessed that, too, sir."

Who in her family, for generations and generations, had ever taken the course which she was taking? She was not exactly frightened Annie had splendid courage when once her blood was up but she was conscious of a tumult and grind of adjustment to a new level which made her nervous. She reached the end of the car line, then walked about half a mile to her Aunt Felicia Hempstead's house.

"What's that to me?" was his invariable exclamation. Such was the man who, a quarter of an hour after Baptiste's departure, entered the mayor's house. M. Plantat was tall, thin, and nervous. His physiognomy was not striking. His hair was short, his restless eyes seemed always to be seeking something, his very long nose was narrow and sharp.

I guess he kind of liked to be near me anyway, it seemed like that. I was nice to him all right, but I don't know, it didn't seem like it did before. But no fellow could get mad at him he looked so poor, and his suit didn't fit him very good and he looked all strange and nervous.

In the middle of the room a small table, on the table a spirit-lamp in full blast, and on the lamp a kettle practising scales; a tray occupied the remainder of the table. There were two easy chairs; Ruth sank delicately into one, and Denry took the other with precautions. He was nervous. Nothing equals muslin for imparting nervousness to the naïve. But he felt pleased.