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We had only been at this a few minutes, when to our great astonishment a voice behind us said "Guten Morgen!" We wheeled around and found ourselves covered by a double-barrelled shotgun. It was in the hands of a military policeman who was guarding the border. There was no use resisting, and our feelings are better imagined than described as we were marched back to the nearest town.

"Oh, you leafe in de morgen and you come by Fizzenbad in a day more as do one you go oud mid." "No can't afford it." Here Joplin pushed back his chair, and with the remark that he thought he would go downtown for some colors, left the room. "It's working like a dose of salts," cried Pudfut when the Bostonian was out of hearing. "Hasn't said 'epigastric nerve, 'gram' or 'proteids' once.

Over the fat pillows were "shams" embroidered in Turkey red, each with a flowering scroll one with "Gute' Nacht," the other with "Guten Morgen." The dresser was so big that Thea wondered how it had ever been got into the house and up the narrow stairs.

'Gut' Morgen, he murmured; and then I saw that his stature was kingly, like that of the sons of Anak, and his manner a strange blend of majesty and humility. 'Pardon me, I went on, in my scrupulously worst German, 'may I ask you a question? He made a curious movement of acquiescence, compounded of a shrug and a slight uplifting of his palms. 'Are you in need of work?

"He is a perfect dear," one of the other girls exclaimed, "but so curiously inquisitive! I have a great friend, a gunner, whom I brought with me to one of his parties, and he is always asking me questions about him and his work. I had to absolutely worry Dick so as to be able to answer all his questions, didn't I, Rosa?" Miss Morgen nodded a little guardedly.

At the verge of the open space a group of pretty serving-maids, each with her name on a silver band pinned upon her breast, met them and bade them a 'Guten Morgen' of almost cheerful note, but gave way, to an eager little smiling blonde, who came pushing down the path at sight of Burnamy, and claimed him for her own. "Ah, Lili! We want an extra good table, this morning.

When morning dawned they again climbed into their saddles and continued on towards the kraal of the boer. When, as they supposed, within about five miles of the house, they met two strange horsemen coming in the opposite direction. "Goot morgen, shentlemens!" saluted one of the strangers as they drew near. "I'm glat to meet some ones coming your ways. Hash you seen anything of our horses?"

Thy father is a wise man, and sees far thy father would have us friends. Be it so. Hearken my daughter Aldyth is esteemed not the least fair of the maidens in England; I will give her to thee as thy wife, and as thy morgen gift, thou shalt will for me from the King the earldom forfeited by thy brother Sweyn, now parcelled out amongst sub-earls and thegns easy enow to control. By the shrine of St.

He repeated the word morgen, and we insisted on zimmer and bett. 'He takes us for twin Caspar Hausers, sighed Temple. 'Nein, said the man, and, perhaps enlightened by hearing a foreign tongue, beckoned for us to step at his heels. His lodging was a woodman's hut.

In better vein is a letter from Beethoven to the copyist Rampel, who had worked for him during a period of many years. He had Beethoven's favor more than any other copyist, on account of a peculiar faculty he possessed for deciphering the master's handwriting. Bestes Ramperl, Komme um morgen früh. Gehe aber zum Teufel mit deinem Gnädiger Herr. Gott allein kann nur gnädig geheissen werden.

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