Thine own doubts and mistrusts about what God will do and about whither thou shalt go, when thou for him hast suffered awhile he can resolve, yea, dissolve, crush, and bring to nothing. He can make fear flee far away, and place heavenly confidence in its room.

I heeded not her reflections; but as I have been used to causes for mistrusts, I cannot help saying, that I don't like this thing: And their taking his letters most alarms me. How happy it was they missed my packet! I knew not what to think of it! But why should I let every accident break my peace? Yet it will do so, while I stay here. Mrs.

He mistrusts me at the first hint of suspicion, and would sacrifice his love on the altar of conventionality." Curiously enough, I seemed to take it for granted that he was in love with me. "And you must go to-morrow?" he asked. "To-morrow, without fail." "But you will return soon?" "I do not expect to return at all." "Impossible!

Assassinations and poisonings under the emperors, poisonings and assassinations under the popes, ever did the same torrent of abominations strew that tragic soil with death amidst the sovereign glory of the sun. "All the same," said the Count, "those who take precautions are perhaps not ill advised. It is said that more than one cardinal shudders and mistrusts people.

Shakespeare's French and Italians, Greeks and Latins, medievals and barbarians, fancifuls and reals, all have a dash of Elizabethan English men in them, but not Othello. Booth's Othello was very helpful to my Desdemona. It is difficult to preserve the simple, heroic blindness of Desdemona to the fact that her lord mistrusts her, if her lord is raving and stamping under her nose!

He is quick at fancying affronts, and greatly exaggerates the slightest and most trifling acts of supposed inattention. The least irregularity on the part of the domestics excites, angers, and vexes him. He is suspicious of and quarrels with his nearest relations, and mistrusts his best, kindest, and most faithful friends.

She mistrusts nothing, and so the count can approach her from behind, without her thinking of turning her head. "When she hears him coming up softly, she imagines that he is going to surprise her with a kiss. He, meanwhile, armed with a long dagger, stands beside his wife. He knows where to strike that the wound may be mortal.

Pursuing this, he never finds himself thwarted or unfriended, never rebels or mistrusts the gods. "God has delivered yourself to your own care, and says, 'I had no fitter one to intrust him to than yourself; keep him for me such as he is by nature, modest, faithful, erect, unterrified, free from passion and perturbation." God, says Epictetus, has made me his witness to men.

"Well," said Orme, "this is beyond me. That five-dollar bill seems to be very much desired by different groups of persons." Alcatrante nodded. "I am not sure," he said slowly, "but that it would ease young Poritol's mind if you would place the bill in my hands for safekeeping. Not that he mistrusts you, Mr.

They hain't been in a town fer a long spell an' they seeks ter tarry an' quite several of 'em air fellers I mistrusts anyhow." "Can't you pick out enough dependable men for an immediate start if need be?" Bud laughed shortly. "Did ye 'low, atter hearin' what ye jest narrated that I'd be liable ter stand hitched fer long? I'll pick 'em out all right an' speedily."