If it is, I know a beaver who kin larn you sumthin'. In the fust place, if a young beaver ever kums inter the presence of the ole uns, especially if she's, that is the ole uns, a female beaver, the young un 'mediately fetches his right fore paw up to his forehead, jest 'hind the right eyebrow, an' makes a reverintial bow of cerimony in salute.

It, however, does not explain how authority comes from God to the people. The ruler, king, prince, or emperor, holds from God through the people, but how do the people themselves hold from God? Mediately or immediately? If mediately, what is the medium? Surely not the people themselves. The people can no more be the medium than the principle of their own sovereignty.

Atmospheres as to their active powers are such forces; the interior and exterior organic substances with man, and with animals of every kind, are such forces; all things in the natural world that are endowed with active powers both immediately and mediately from its sun are such forces.

On the one hand, it is supposed that the forming cause which had produced those mountains, in collecting their materials at the bottom of the sea, had also determined the shape in which their various ridges are at present found; on the other hand, it is supposed that the destructive causes, which operate in degrading mountains, have immediately contributed to produce their present forms, and that it is only mediately or more remotely that this shape has been determined by mineral operations and the constitution of the solid parts, which thus oppose the wearing operations of the surface with different degrees of hardness and solidity.

Hallam, "who are now deemed the most considerable, will be found, with no great number of exceptions, to have first become conspicuous under the Tudor line of kings and, if we could trace the title of their estates, to have acquired no small portion of them mediately or immediately from monastic or other ecclesiastical foundations."

He went away' mediately arter interdoocing de young madam to de ole one; which she tumbled in upon us with a whole raft of waiting maids, and men, and dogs, and birds, and gold fishes, and debil knows what all besides, long arter midnight last night and so he hasn't been hearn on since, and de fambly is in de greatest 'stress and anxiety. Particular she, poor thing, as comed so far to see him!

The object of Magna Charta is the correction of the feudal policy, which was first introduced, at least in any regular form, at the Conquest, and did not subsist before it. This is worthy of observation. By the feudal law all landed property is, by a feigned conclusion, supposed to be derived, and therefore to be mediately or immediately held, from the Crown.

Wondering why her friend had selected for her the name if she remembered rightly of one of Blue Beard's wives, Hester bowed, and was about to speak when Dinah put her flat nose close to hers and sternly said, "Dumb." "Moreober," she continued, "you mustn't bow like a lady, or you'll be diskivered 'mediately. You must bob. Sally!" This last word was shouted.

To give an object, if this expression be understood in the sense of "to present" the object, not mediately but immediately in intuition, means nothing else than to apply the representation of it to experience, be that experience real or only possible.

This sphere is received immediately by the female sex, and mediately by the male, 225. The sphere of conjugial love is the very essential sphere of heaven, because it descends from the heavenly marriage of the Lord and the church, 54. Whereas there is a sphere of conjugial love, there is also a sphere opposite to it, which is called a sphere of adulterous love, 434.