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I've been talking the matter over with Aunt Hannah and she has told me a lot of very interesting things. But when do you want to go?" "We haven't discussed that yet," Miss Ladd replied. "I suppose we could go almost any time." "Let's go at once," proposed Marion Stanlock. "We haven't anything to keep us here and we can come back as soon as as soon as we find the jam on somebody's fist."

"But next time we get a cook let's have one whose relatives are all dead, or in the old country, where they can't be reached. I'm tired of this business." "Well, you shouldn't be cross with me about it, Thad," said Bessie, with a teary look in her eyes. "I have to put up with a great deal more of it than you have, only you never know of it.

You ought to see that!" "I don't see it," Grace insisted quietly, although her heart beat. "You were not accountable, and we got down quite safe. Let's talk about something else." Thorn's eyes rested on her for another moment, and then he made a sign of acquiescence and they went back up the hill.

Struggle as she might to be intensely dramatic in her narrative, she did not for a moment gain the ascendency. "Moses?" interrupted Nimble Dick in the very midst of one of her most earnest sentences. "Let's see! that was the old fellow who swallowed the serpents, wasn't it? I should have thought he would have been used up."

"I don't care for him or for his dog either," exclaimed Smallbones, with a drawling intrepid tone; "that dog I'll settle the hash of some way or the other, if it be the devil's own cousin. I'll not come for to go to leave off now, that's sartain, as I am Peter Smallbones I'se got a plan." "Let's hear Smallbones let's hear Smallbones!" exclaimed some of the men.

"Also a copy of the 'Daily Mirror, which contained the case. It belonged to the Colonel. I stole it." She put her hand through his arm. "Let's get home," she said. "We must talk it over. No one knows one word except you and me?" "Not one, my dear," said Robert cordially. "But there are suspicions. Georgie suspects, for instance.

There is no way of getting to the cove this way, unless we climb another high rock, and it is dangerous and we might be seen also." "Then let's look for another way."

"When David's letter came we were just wondering how we would spend Thanksgiving with not one of the old crowd at home. Hippy handed me the letter. It came while we were at luncheon. 'Let's go, we both said at once.

"Not yet, Emmy," I pleaded, for I really pined for a good walk; "let's go on the highroad as far as the milestone it's market day at Muddlebury, and we shall see the tipsy farmers riding home and the carriers' carts with their queer-looking loads; besides, think what a colour you'll have for dinner. Come on, there's a dear!"

Soon we'll sober down and 'keep faith' and begin to build up our new world. But just for today let's be mad and glad." Susan came in from the outdoor sunlight looking supremely satisfied. "Mr. Hyde is gone," she announced. "Gone! Do you mean he is dead, Susan?" "No, Mrs. Dr. dear, that beast is not dead. But you will never see him again. I feel sure of that." "Don't be so mysterious, Susan.

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