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If any one's devotion could have flattered her into self-consciousness, it was Jemima's. Mr Bradshaw never dreamed that his daughter could feel herself inferior to the minister's protegée, but so it was; and no knight-errant of old could consider himself more honoured by his ladye's commands than did Jemima, if Ruth allowed her to do anything for her or for her boy.

What coachman my ladye's coach! for shame! Her ladiship's readie to come down. Enter Potkinne, a Tankard-bearer. Potkinne. 'Sfoote! Hamlet, are you madde? Whither run you nowe? You should brushe up my olde mistresse! Thereupon neighbours come together, all impelled by the greatest curiosity 'to see her take coach, and wishing to congratulate her. Gertrud. Thank you, good people!

She could smile unflinchingly, although she saw that Arnold was staying by the "fair ladye's" side. "Let them go their way together," she thought. "After all, what right have I to care?" As to Francis Ryan, he forgot that Lily Danforth was looking after him with glances full of the deepest reproach.

With this piece of exquisite apropos did the infallible Mary Ashburleigh crown the edifice of her good taste. The two brides sat opposite each other. A small watch, which I had happened to buy at Coblenz, I managed to detach and lay on the Dark Ladye's plate as my offering. On a card beside it I merely wrote, "ANOTHER TIME!" Who knows? Perhaps Sylvester may fill and founder as the other has done.

Dan, therefore, who sat at her right, finding relief from the rapid-fire conversation which she had directed at him, obviously with intention to put him at his ease, found time to glance up and down the table. There were perhaps a dozen persons, and he recognized most of them as members of the Veiled Ladye's party.

"He has ta'en the table wi' his hand, He garr'd the red wine spring on hie 'Now Christ's curse on my head, he said, 'But avenged of Lord Scrope I'll be! O, is my basnet a widow's curch? Or my lance a wand o' the willow-tree? Or my arm a ladye's lilye hand, That an English lord should lightly me?"

But those were less refined and cultured times than these in which we live; and the rough, uncurbed nature of "Kinge Henrye the viii. of Most Famous Memorye," as the old chronicles term the "bluff King Hal," reappeared to a noticeable extent in the person of his second child, the daughter of ill-fated Anne Boleyn "my ladye's grace" the Princess Elizabeth of England.

The outlaw and his mother watched them from the tower, until they entirely disappeared. I left my ladye's bower last night It was clad in wreaths of snaw, I'll seek it when the sun is bright, And sweet the roses blaw.

And Nuttie responded in a few seconds 'Yet through good heart and our Ladye's grace Full soon he gained the landing place. They were both in high spirits, admiring each other's droll appearance, and speculating on the ghosts they might appear to any one who chanced to look out of window.

But I felt that weakness and unmanageableness of knee which comes with strong mental anguish, and I sank back impotent upon the baron, whose lingering legs repudiated the pressure, so that we both accumulated miserably upon Grandstone. My eyes closed, and I did not hear the Dark Ladye's salutations to Frau Kranich.