Edson, have you ever felt the tender passion? I know you have been desperately in love, once, at least; do describe to me some of the symptoms, in order that I may know when I am seriously attacked myself by the disease." "Mais, ceci est ridicule! L'enfant s'est sauvée du Charenton de New- York." "From the nursery rather, Mademoiselle; you perceive she does not yet know how to walk alone." Mr.

L'amour est l'enfant de Bohème, as the song says, and, whatever you can say for Waverton and Cambridge and Boston, you'll admit " He leaned back in his rocking-chair with a laugh. "One does the best one can, Vic. We're children of opportunity as well as enfants de Bohème.

Vue de Chevet d'une eglise, by Emanuel de Witte, is an exquisite little cabinet picture, in which the effect of a ray of light shining through a painted window, upon a column, is inimitable, and the perspective is very fine. There are here also some of the finest works of Wouvermans, and a charming picture by Teniers. La Vierge, l'enfant Jesus, la Madeleine, et St.

Tomlin, or maybe to get rid of them the sooner, produced a red ribbon badge. "Ef ze will sing," he said, showing his white teeth as he smiled, "ze shall hav it." Turning to view this new party, her ladyship treated him to a brief examination, but evidently approving of him, began to sing with no more ado: "Je suis si l'enfant gaté Tra la la la, tra la la, Car je les aime les petits patés.

Charlevoix, in describing the funeral of the North American Indians, says: Le cadavre est expose a la porte de la cabanne dans la posture qu'il doit avoir dans le tombeau, et cette posture en plusieurs endroits est cela de l'enfant dans la sein de sa mere.

A bladder of ordinary air sunk in water, or a corked bottle, will illustrate this point to your comprehension." "I comprehend it well enough," rejoined Karl, rather piqued at being treated too much a l'enfant by his learned brother. "But I thought that, in a balloon, it was necessary to keep a fire constantly burning a sort of grate or fire-basket suspended below.

"He remained at his seat between three and four weeks, during which he was occupied with his private affairs, and, with Major L'Enfant and others, with the location of the new seat of government, on the banks of the Potomac.

At that time, Buloz and he often shared a modest dinner, and with the permission of M. Rabou, then manager of the Revue de Paris, Balzac contributed "L'Enfant Maudit," "Le Message," and "Le Rendez-Vous" to the Revue des Deux Mondes, and only charged a hundred francs for the same quantity of pages for which he was paid a hundred and sixty francs by Rabou.

Dorion himself was elected, but his namesake J. B. E. Dorion, commonly known as l'enfant terrible, was unsuccessful, as also was Luther H. Holton, the leading English-speaking Liberal of the province. Other prominent Rouges such as Papin, Doutre, Fournier, and Letellier were given abundant leisure to deplore the fanaticism of George Brown.

"Merci, prophetique fleurette, Corolle a l'oracle vainqueur, Car voila trois ans, paquerette, Que tu m'ouvris un petit coeur. "Et depuis trois hivers, ma belle, L'enfant aux grands yeux de velours Maintient son petit coeur fidele, Fidele comme aux premiers jours."