The next day Fred's friend said again: "Kendrick's doing some gum-shoe work, Starratt... You'd better go awful slow." With the coming of May other anxieties claimed Starratt's attention. Bills that he had forgotten or neglected began to pour in.

If Kendrick had hesitated for the fraction of a second, all would have been lost, as on Astor's ship a few years later; but before the savages had time for any concerted signal, he had seized the speaker by the scruff of the neck, and tossed him into the sea. In a second every savage had scuttled over decks; but the scalp of Kendrick's son Solomon was found on the beach.

For an hour he asked questions, and in the end he prepared to go in a seemingly satisfied state of mind. Quimby's face was very awed when he came down-stairs after a visit to the room above. "Poor fellow!" he said to Magee. "I'm sorry he was so young." For such as Quimby carry no feud beyond the gates. He went over and took Kendrick's hand.

Gray hesitated over Matthew Kendrick's invitation, although her hospitable home was already crowded to the roof-tree. But, taking Judge Calvin Gray into her counsels, she was so strongly advised by him to accept the offer that she somewhat reluctantly consented to do so. "It's great, Eleanor, simply great!" he urged.

Kendrick's fears rather subsided. She was safe, if only Ellen would show some sense and judgment. "Well, I must go on home, now, if I'm to make those candies and have them ready by this evening," said Ezra Jackson's daughter, getting to her feet. "They take a good while to harden properly." Ellen went with her to the side door, clinging to her arm and insisting on some last remark. Mrs.

One day, when all had gone below decks to rest, a taunting laugh was heard from the hatchway. Kendrick rushed above to find Indians scrambling over the decks of the Lady Washington like a nest of disgruntled hornets. A warrior flourished the key of the ammunition chest, which stood by the hatchway, in Kendrick's face with the words: "Key is mine! So is the ship!"

"Did the little lady we entertained last night put that into your head?" "She put several things into my head," Richard admitted, "but not that. Will you go, sir? It's fully time now, I believe." Matthew Kendrick's keen eyes continued to search his grandson's face, to Richard's inner confusion. Outwardly, the younger man maintained an attitude of dignified questioning.

All the stories and legends that clustered around Blue Dave's career were brought to the surface again; and, as we have seen, the great majority of them were anything but reassuring. WHILE the commotion in the settlement and on the Kendrick Place was at its height, an incident occurred that had a tendency to relieve Kitty Kendrick's mind.

"I was shopping this morning," said Natalie, "all alone; and as I came out of Kendrick's and was just about to get into the brougham, I saw that some one was holding the door open for me. I looked up carelessly, as one naturally would under the circumstances, and, John I know it was he!

Ellen Kendrick had seen somebody coming down the street. It was Emory Ford, and she flushed and dimpled and smiled as she bowed to him, forgetting everything else, including the departing Mary Louise, who, after one mute look at Mrs. Kendrick's flushed, disturbed face, turned and walked with hanging head toward the house on the corner.