Jarrott said no more for the moment, but later in the day she confided to her husband that the girl puzzled her. "She mixes me up so that I don't know which of us is talking sense." She was not at all sure that Evie was fretting about Mr. Strange though she might be. If she wasn't, then she couldn't be well. That was the only explanation of her depression and loss of appetite.

Once more she read to Conquest such portions of the letter as she thought he would find of interest. "It is all over now," Ford wrote, "between Stephens and Jarrott and me. I'm out of the concern for good. It was something of a wrench, and I'm glad it is past. I didn't see the old man again. I wanted to thank him and say good-bye, but he dodged me. Perhaps it is just as well.

He did not look at Miriam, but he could feel the way in which she sat upright and aghast. Wayne turned his sightless eyes, hidden by large colored glasses, toward the speaker, and nodded. "Yes?" he said, interrogatively. "I would have told you before, only that Miss Jarrott and Miss Colfax thought I had better wait till every one got settled. In any case, Mr.

Strange, being about to leave the private office one day, after a consultation on some matter of secondary import, was already half-way to the door, while Mr. Jarrott himself was stooping to replace a book in the revolving bookcase that stood beside his chair. "By-the-way," he said, without looking up, "Jenkins is going to represent the house in New York.

"I thought you did all that through Cousin Endsleigh Jarrott and Mr. Conquest?" "This was a little thing I couldn't trouble them with." "And you went straight off to him, when you'd only known him let me see! how many days? one, two, three, four " "I've gone to people I didn't know at all sometimes. You have to. If you only knew more about investing money "

"But Evie's own family have been kept in the dark, except that she told her aunt in South America. But that's where the mistake comes in, don't you see? Miss Jarrott, not having an idea about you, you see " "Spreads it round that Evie is engaged to some one else, when she isn't. I'll show her who's engaged, when I can find her in. I'm going to sit on her door-step till "

Mary Pole on Wayne's right claimed his attention and Miriam was left her own mistress. Almost at once her attention was arrested by hearing Mrs. Endsleigh Jarrott saying in that appealing voice which she counted as the secret of her success with men: "Now do give me your frank opinion, Mr. Strange. You don't know how much I should like it.

A hasty embrace from Evie an angelic vision in white was followed by a few words of greeting from Charles Conquest after which Miriam saw Miss Jarrott take the arm of Bishop Endsleigh, and the procession began to move. At table Miriam was glad of the dim, rose-colored light. It offered her a seclusion into which she could withdraw, tending her services to Wayne.

Jarrott looked about uneasily, as if trying to find something else to say, while Strange began again to move toward the door. "And Mrs. Jarrott " Strange stopped so still that the senior partner paused with that air of gentlemanly awkwardness something like an Englishman's which he took on when he had firmly made up his mind. "Mrs.

As a matter of fact, the poor old dear is head over heels in love with him do you see? in that sort of old-maid way you know the kind of thing I mean. She thinks there's nobody like him, and neither there is. I shall miss him frightfully while he's down there telling Uncle Jarrott. I shall skip half my invitations and go regularly into retreat till he comes back.