She saw her husband and his one-time enemy toiling side by side in the great, hot, hungry heart of Inyo, preparing homes for the helpless and the oppressed working out the destinies of their people; and she cried out with the happiness that was hers.

They want my water, for they must eliminate competition, and they want to tie me up before I have an opportunity to sell to somebody who realizes the value of my holdings. Up Inyo way they know me for a range rider, a desert rat, a ne'er-do- well, and it may be they are under the impression that I am like most of my kind that I can be mesmerized by the sight of four or five thousand dollars."

Wild herald of woe and death, he had flitted into her life as carelessly as he came he had departed, and she knew he would not come back. Yes, Bob was too shrewd a man not to realize that in abandoning his hat he had left behind him the evidence that must send him to the penitentiary should he ever return to his old haunts in Inyo and Mono counties.

Judging by its effects, this Yosemite, or Inyo earthquake, as it is sometimes called, was gentle as compared with the one that gave rise to the grand talus system of the Range and did so much for the canyon scenery.

From Kearsarge, say, you look over Inyo and find pink soft cloud masses asleep on the level desert air; south of you hurries a white troop late to some gathering of their kind at the back of Oppapago; nosing the foot of Waban, a woolly mist creeps south. In the clean, smooth paths of the middle sky and highest up in air, drift, unshepherded, small flocks ranging contrarily.

Sago, jerking his arm free, threw two shots at Overland, who replied with a rippling tattoo of the automatics. The Inyo County outlaw sank to his hands and knees. Then Overland leaped through the doorway. The Moonstone riders spurred toward the saloon, thinking that the quarrel had provoked too many guns. Overland tried to stop them, but they were hot for fight.

Back to my land and my water that I'm going to hold in trust for them, the poor devils! Back where there won't be any poverty where ten acres of Inyo desert with Inyo water on it will mean a fortune to every poor family I plant in my desert." "Why?" demanded Homer Dunstan smiling. "Why?" Bob McGraw echoed the attorney's query. He gazed at Dunstan stupidly.

He's president o' the Inyo Land & Irrigation Company, according to his card. Bob ain't got no money Carey has a carload of it. Bob ain't got no water Carey's in the irrigation business. Bob ain't got no real estate, 'ceptin' what he accumulates on his person wanderin' around, and Carey's got land " Mr. Hennage emitted a low soft whistle through the slit between two of his gold teeth. Land!

And afterwards, across those plains, oh, many, many leagues, were the Inyo and Panamit mountains, and beyond them Nevada and Arizona, and blue mountains, and bluer, and still bluer rising, rising, rising higher and higher until at the level of the eye they blended with the heavens and were lost somewhere away out beyond the edge of the world. We said nothing, but looked for a long time.

For two weeks they had grazed unmolested, and they were perfectly satisfied to pay the inconvenience of a day's journey over to the Inyo line. "'llo boys," said their leader, flashing his teeth at them. "'Wan start now?" "These Jim Hutchins's sheep?" inquired Carroll. But at that question the Frenchman suddenly lost all his command of the English language.