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Some bore their choicest articles, others their young, and some their aged and infirm, into the forest, which spread itself like a verdant carpet of bright green against the side of the mountain.

He sank back in his arm-chair exhausted, closed his eyes, and laid his hand upon the clever pointed head of the greyhound which lay at his feet. The short walk and the fiery wine which he had again enjoyed in abundance at dinner had increased the pain from which he was now never free, day or night, and it was some time ere Adrian could succeed in propping his infirm body comfortably.

It was strange, too, that my friend the porter going before me, ponderously infirm, with his feeble old hands striving in vain to keep the tall flambeau he held steadily before him, strange, I say, that he was the only domestic I saw in the vast halls and passages, or met with on the grand staircase.

But it was a selfish idea. He has told me that he cannot leave his work or his uncle, who has been so kind to him, and who is very infirm now partially paralysed, and needing the greatest care. I shall let the cottage." "What is the place in Australia like?" I said with duplicity, for of course I knew by this time exactly what it was like. But I wanted to change her thoughts.

Agriculture had no more charms for him; he was too infirm for sport; he could not, like his father, pass his old age in the busy indolence of a country gentleman's life, nor could he, as some statesmen have done, soothe his declining years by harmless and amiable literary dilettanteism.

In the performance of the Executive duty upon this occasion there has not been wanting a just sensibility to the merits of the American Army during the late war; but the obvious policy and design in fixing an efficient military peace establishment did not afford an opportunity to distinguish the aged and infirm on account of their past services nor the wounded and disabled on account of their present sufferings.

"That son, boys, is your instructor; and that aged and infirm old man, that 'old fellow, that 'old boy, who did not turn out for you, but who would gladly have given you the whole road had he heard your approach, that 'old boy, that 'old daddy, and 'frozen nose, is Rev. Daniel Oliver, your master's father, now at my home, where he and I will gladly welcome any and all of you."

And many who were infirm, drinking out of or being sprinkled with water from this cymbal, often received instant health; and when this instrument was tuned, they experienced the holiness of the saint breathing forth and sounding through its music. The Obedience of Saint Volchanus.

The thoughts of my father, infirm and suffering, touched me, however, to the quick; and when I thought of him, that lofty, magnificent being, now bowed down and desolate, and suing to me for comfort, all my resentment for past neglect was subdued, and a glow of filial affection was awakened within me.

As to his strength, he was habitually incapable of enduring the fatigue of any game, and seemed weakly, almost infirm.