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At a conference in Philadelphia in 1761, an Iroquois sachem declared, "We, your Brethren, of the several Nations, are penned up like Hoggs. There are Forts all around us, and therefore we are apprehensive that Death is coming upon us."

It would be as interesting to meet him as any Cabinet Minister in the world, if you'll excuse my saying so." "Yes; Hoggs told him it would have to be cottages," said Fisher. "He said the breed of cattle had improved too often, and people were beginning to laugh. And, of course, you must hang a peerage on to something; though the poor chap hasn't got it yet. Hullo, here's somebody else."

I only hope he won't take a fresh fancy into his head and change his mind again." "Perhaps he found he would make himself unpopular if he did not do it," suggested his mother. Marion held her tongue, and snipped away at her unbleached calico. "And then, again, about old Hoggs' cottage," pursued Mr. Daintree. "What on earth could make him forget where it was?

A certain Mr P. Chester finishes the English condemnation of a school, such as Benjamin's, by declaring that its pretensions to fit men for life was "like the shearing of Hoggs, much Noyse and little Wooll, nothing considerable taught that I know, butt only to fitt a man to be a French chevalier, that is in plain English a Trooper."

We carried away huge burthens of fruit from thence, not for our owne eating, but to be cast before the hoggs." Oh, moonlit night of Africa, and orchard by these wild seabanks where once Dido stood; oh, laughter of boys among the shaken leaves, and sound of falling fruit; how do you live alone out of so many nights that no man remembers?

She was not at all afraid, but sat back with perfect composure until the steamer began to settle. Then, for the first time, it dawned on Miss Hoggs that L'Univers was sinking, and that her boat had been forgotten. On board the steamer was a young American matron, a Mrs. Gordon, who was on her way to Europe to visit her parents, who for some years had been living in Paris.

"Now, suppose we go and find Hoggs' cottage," she said, smiling. And they turned back towards the village. When the lute is broken, Sweet notes are remembered not; When the lips have spoken, Loved accents are soon forgot. As music and splendour Survive not the lamp and the lute, The heart's echoes render No song when the spirit is mute. Shelley.

His account of Blake, however, does not impart an adequate idea of the excellence of that comedian. In 1858 he went to the Winter Garden theatre, and was associated with the late Dion Boucicault. His characters then were Newman Hoggs, Caleb Plummer, and Salem Scudder in Nicholas Nickleby, The Cricket on the Hearth, and The Octoroon. Mr.

She was a little old lady, with crimped hair, round, owlish-looking eyes, and a florid complexion. During the short time the voyage had lasted she had managed to become acquainted with every one on board. Everybody knew that her name was Miss Hoggs, and she had told them all the crew as well as passengers time and again, that she was never afraid.

"A thousand pounds!" exclaimed Captain Seelencooper, as he recovered his breath, "Come, that's a good one I like a fellow that does not make two bites of a cherry why, there is not a cull in the ken that pretends to have lost more than a few hoggs, and here is a servant to the Honourable Company that has been robbed of a thousand pounds! Well done, Mr.

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