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Hepplewhite and his retainers and upon the corrupt minions of the law who had violated every principle of justice, decency and morality in order to accomplish the unscrupulous purposes of a merciless aristocrat meaning him. With biting sarcasm, Mr.

It is interesting to notice the difference in the size of chairs which became apparent during Hepplewhite's time. Hoop-skirts and stiffened coats went out of fashion, and with them went the need of large chair seats. The transition chairs made by Hepplewhite were not very attractive in proportion, as the backs were too low for the width.

"'Somebody has been lying in my bed and here she is, cried the Little, Small, Wee Bear, in his little, small, wee voice." One of the nicest men in New York was Mr. John De Puyster Hepplewhite.

"I don't think he was a burglar. Anyhow he's in the Tombs now, shouting for a lawyer. I listened to him and made a note of the case." Mr. Tutt pushed over the box of stogies and leaned back attentively. "You know the Hepplewhite house up on Fifth Avenue that great stone one with the driveway?" The Tutts nodded.

John De Puyster Hepplewhite, one of the nicest men in New York, who had himself once had a somewhat interesting experience in the criminal courts in connection with the arrest of a tramp who had gone to sleep in a pink silk bed in the Hepplewhite mansion on Fifth Avenue, smiled deprecatingly, set down his Dresden-china cup and dabbed his mustache decorously with a filigree napkin.

"As you deem wise," answered the judge. "Proceed then." Through a blur of sight and sound Mr. Hepplewhite dimly heard Mr. Tutt addressing the jury and saw them lean forward to catch his every word. Beside him Mr. Edgerton was saying protestingly: "May I ask why you made those fool statements on the witness stand?" "Because I didn't want an innocent man convicted," returned Mr. Hepplewhite tartly.

The cushions were ivory and peacock-blue. The chairs, the writing-table, the couch, the bookcases, were pure Sheraton and Hepplewhite. Vellum-bound books filled the cases Doggie was very particular about his bindings. Delicate water-colours alone adorned the walls. On his neatly arranged writing-table lay an ivory set inkstand, pen-tray, blotter and calendar.

Some authorities include William and Mary and Queen Anne in the Georgian period, but the more usual idea is to divide it into several parts, better known as the times of Chippendale, Adam, Hepplewhite and Sheraton. French influence is marked throughout and is divided into parts.

Might be reproduction of Hepplewhite, Sheraton, or Georgian period. A glass, silver, or pottery bowl, containing flowers, on the table; plain ecru linen doilies. Chairs 8 chairs Mahogany Damask seats, Hepplewhite backs. Walnut English linen seats, Sheraton backs. Weathered Oak Velvet Seats, Queen Anne backs. Painted Rush seats, or wooden seats, Windsor or straight backs.

Cringing, he slunk to the witness chair, and for the first time faced the sardonic eyes of the terrible Tutt, his adversary who looked scornfully from Hepplewhite to the jury and then from the jury back to Hepplewhite as if to say: "Look at him! Call you this a man?" "You are the Mr.