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Oh, elder! elder! elder! what did you do it for? Why, man, where is Balaam?" Thought of the beast choked off the threatened hysterics. "Balaam? Balaam?" said the elder, groggily. "He's in town. The infernal ole fool 'sulted me, an' I lef' him to walk home." His wife surveyed him.

Through the pain and the sickness the horror of that bit doubly deep. Terrans did not fall alive into Throg hands, not if they had the means of ending their existence within reach. But his hands and arms were caught behind him in an unbreakable lock, some gadget not unlike the Terran force bar used to restrain criminals, he decided groggily. The cubby in which he lay was black-dark.

A bomb, only a short distance away as the distance from atomic disintegration is measured, sent the Shudos spinning away, end over end, like a discarded cigar butt flipped toward a gutter, one side caved in near the rear, as if it had been kicked in by a giant foot. There was still air in the ship, MacMaine realized groggily as he awoke from the unconsciousness that had been thrust upon him.

Mr Cupples chuckled and laughed groggily, muttering somewhere in his chest "You young dog! there's stuff in you!" Then composing himself a little, he said aloud: "Tell me all about it directly." Alec obeyed, and, not without emotion, gave Mr Cupples the whole history of the affair.

I tried to keep the wind in my face for compass, but it was so variable, eddying from all directions, that it was not reassuring. Near the top of the mountain a blast knocked me down, and half smothered me with flying snow. I arose groggily, uncertain which way to head; it was impossible to see even a step in front.

"You'll see," said Harvey, and he stepped, rather groggily, for his head was still singing, to the cabin steps where the little ship's clock hung in plain sight of the wheel. Troop, in the chocolate-and-yellow painted cabin, was busy with a note-book and an enormous black pencil which he sucked hard from time to time. "I haven't acted quite right," said Harvey, surprised at his own meekness.

Without moving his head, he opened both eyes and shifted them from right to left. Vaguely, he could see people and, behind them, machines so simply designed that their functions were unguessable. He sat up and looked around groggily. The people, their costumes definitely not Pan-Soviet uniforms and the room and its machines, told him nothing.

A few times for Thanksgiving when the children were going through their holier-than-thou vegetarian stage, I purchased the largest, thickest porterhouse steak I could find at the natural meat store and ate it medium-rare, with relish. It was delicious. It made me feel full for hours and hours and hours. I stayed flat on the couch and groggily worked on digesting it all evening.

"Take one step, and I'll kill you." Hobart lifted his head groggily, and pushed himself half-way up on his knees. "Don't shoot unless he makes you, Del," he ordered grimly. "We don't want that kind of row here." He dragged himself painfully to the side door, and pressed it open. "Hey you!" he cried. "Come on out here. Now then, rough-house this guy!" McADAMS BLOWS IN

Faru swore groggily and pushed himself into a sitting position, fumbling on the floor for his trousers. "What day's this?" he asked. "The day after we went to bed, ninny!" Then Coru-hin-Irigod wrinkled his brow. He could remember, clearly enough, the sale of the slaves, but after that Oh, well, he'd been drinking; it would all come back to him, after a while.