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"I shall put 'em in the oven again for half an hour just before you want 'em. It wouldn't have done to leave 'em waiting. Things soon turn in this hot country." "We're going ashore again as soon as you're ready." "That'll be in ten minutes, then, my lad." "You'll take a stronger fishing-line this time?"

"Not for a thousand dollars!" answered the small youth vehemently. "Why, a rattlesnake bite is deadly poisonous!" "I know that as well as you do, Giant." "You might make a cast with your fishing-line," suggested the doctor's son. "I will." Giant always carried several lines, and selecting one of these, he made a loop and to it fastened a small sinker for a weight.

"So much the better, my lad, but it takes a long time to lower a boat down, and a man overboard gets left a long way behind when a ship is in full sail." He walked away, and looking as eager as I did, Mr Denning began about a fishing-line, while his sister looked bright and happy to see her brother so much interested in the plans he had in view.

I demanded. I had not caught little trout in the Pennsylvania hills for nothing. "They eat, don't they? That fish I saw was a whale, and he broke water for a bug. Get me a pole and some bugs or worms!" When I took out my little case and showed the fishing-line, Herky-Jerky said he would find me some bait. While he was absent I studied that spring with new and awakened eyes.

Had not one of the natives told of a lump so weighty that no man might lift it and on which hungry generation after hungry generation had pounded nuts? Had not another used a nugget as a plummet for his fishing-line?

There was no land in sight, but the sea was glorious in the brilliant sunshine so clear and blue that the darting fish could be seen far below; and before long, Bob Roberts had borrowed a fishing-line from Dick, the old sailor, baited the hooks, and was trailing it behind the vessel, in the hope of catching enough fish for a dinner for his mess.

"Hope so," rejoined Rob, now rolling up his fishing-line, and again kicking his codfish out of the road of the gathering crowd. "He's probably got something for us if he is." "How far is she out?" inquired Jesse. "She blows like the Yucatan, but maybe she's the old Portland coming in." "If she's the Portland my father might be aboard," said John.

We passed over a bank extending from this group of rocks, and with a fishing-line trailing astern and a piece of the rind of pork for bait, caught a quantity of Spanish mackerel, a fish of excellent flavor, weighing four or five pounds each.

When it was finished he used it to shape a better handle, to which he fixed it with a strip of his cotton handkerchief in which operation he had, as Peterkin pointed out, torn off one of Lord Nelson's noses. However, the whip-cord, thus set free, was used by Peterkin as a fishing-line. He merely tied a piece of oyster to the end of it.

Let the philosopher explain it as he will. Let the moralist reprehend it as he chooses. There is nothing that attracts human nature more powerfully than the sport of tempting the unknown with a fishing-line. Those ancient anglers have set out upon an exodus from the tedious realm of the definite, the fixed, the must-certainly-come-to-pass. They are on a holiday in the free country of peradventure.

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