He said he didn't care how many deacons he wuz, or how many grand-fathers; he wuz goin' to see that beautiful and entrancin' place with his own eyes. I tried to quell him down, but couldn't quell him worth a cent, with Serenus firin' him up on the other side.

But if we did sing I think a good hymn would be: Blest be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian love. "And if the rich and poor, Capital and Labor would all jine in and sing this from the heart the very winders of heaven would open to hear the entrancin' strains," sez I. But I don't spoze I changed her mind any.

Josiah looked round for a minute on the entrancin' beauty of the water and the islands and up into the green shadders of the trees overhead, and then off into the soft blue haze that wrapped the beautiful shores in the distance. After gazin' silently for a minute he turned to me and sez, "Didn't you bring any nut cakes with you?

But whatever a bird can find entrancin' in some of them Southwestern deserts is allers too many for me. "As I su'gests, I former holds fowls, who of free choice continues a residence in Arizona, as imbeciles. Yet now an' then I observes things that makes me oncertain if I'm onto a bird's system; an' if after all Arizona is sech a dead kyard for birds.

"Show me the female more entrancin', an' let me drop dead at her feet! Who is lovelier than Polly Hawks, the sweetheart of Flyin' Bison, the onchained tornado of the hills! Feast your gaze on Polly Hawks; her beauty would melt the heart of Nacher! I'm the Purple Blossom of Gingham Mountain; Polly Hawks shall marry an' follow me to my wigwam!

No dissolvin' view wuz ever so entrancin', but like all others it had to dissolve. We reached Hilo the second day and we all went to a comfortable tarven, and the next mornin' bright and early we sot off on the stage for the volcano over, I state, and state it fearlessly, the most beautiful road that wuz ever built towards any volcano or anything else.

She knew all, as we soon found out. 'I dew jes love t' see young folks enjoy themselves, said she, 'it's entrancin'. Coming in at our gate I saw a man going over the wall back of the big stables. The house was dark. 'Did you see the night man? Elizabeth Brower whispered as I lit the lamp. 'Went through the garden just now. I've been watching him here at the window.

High, low all it wants is Jack and the Game." I gin him a stern look and sez, "Some knowledge is demeanin' to a perfessor." And he acted puggicky and didn't say another word for a mild or so. But I sot calm and looked away into the entrancin' seen. And all the time we wuz rollin' on towards the volcano.

Faith kep' pretty clost to me all day and seemed to take a good deal of comfort watchin' the entrancin' scenery round us. Oh what beautiful sights! What enchantin' views of the water; or, if the light struck it jest right, the long, blue, undilating plain, dotted with gold points of light.

Thim wondherful boardhin'-house smiles that our gifted leaders wears, did ye iver see annythin' so entrancin'? Whin th' las' photygrapher has packed his ar-ms homeward I can see th' gr-reat men retirin' to their rooms an' lettin' their faces down f'r a few minyits befure puttin' thim up again in curl-pa-apers f'r th' nex' day display.