Why, Ma'am dear, if 'twas what they wor goin' to slaughter a bullock they wouldn't ax more nor that. 'Oh! don't. Oh! Katty, Katty don't, oh don't' 'An' why wouldn't I, my darlin' misthress, tell you what's doin', the way you would not be dhruv out o' your senses intirely if you had no notion, Ma'am dear, iv what they're goin' to do to him?

"But, Joe, s'pose now Mr. Thady agreed to join you here, what'd you have him be doing at all?" "I'd have him lend a hand to punish the murthering ruffian as have got half the counthry dhruv into gaols, and as is playing his tricks now with his own sisther." "But what could any of you do? You wouldn't dare knock the chap on the head?" "Who wouldn't dare? by the 'tarnal, I'd dare it myself!

She had anny number of letthers to the Pope. I suppose that's how we all got in, for I wint too, an' the three of us looked like sisters of mercy, dhressed in black wid veils on our heads. Whin we dhruv up to the palace, her ladyship gev a screech.

They was Injuns here thin. But they wasn't anny mines I cud see. They was mud to be shovelled an' dhrays to be dhruv an' beats to be walked. I choose th' dhray; f'r I was niver cut out f'r a copper, an' I'd had me fill iv excavatin'. An' I dhruv th' dhray till I wint into business. "Me experyence with goold minin' is it's always in th' nex' county.

'You long, lazy, black-haired swine, drawled Ortheris, who would have done the same thing under similar circumstances. ''Twas the height av policy. That naygur-man dhruv miles an' miles as far as the new railway line they're buildin' now back av the Tavi river. "'Tis a kyart for dhirt only," says he now an' again timoreously, to get me out av ut.

Double! sez Crook. 'Blow, child, blow for the honor av the British Arrmy! "That bhoy blew like a typhoon, an' the Tyrone an' we opined out as the Paythans broke, an' I saw that fwhat had gone before wud be kissin' an' huggin' to fwhat was to come. We'd dhruv thim into a broad part av the gut whin they gave, an' thin we opined out an' fair danced down the valley, dhrivin' thim before us.

It dhruv him to a sick-bed." "Jawn," said Mr. Dooley to Mr. McKenna, "what did th' Orangeys do to-day?" "They had a procession," said Mr. McKenna. "Was it much, I dinnaw?" "Not much." "That's good," said Mr. Dooley. "That's good. They don't seem to be gettin' anny sthronger, praise be! Divvle th' sthraw do I care f'r thim.

"I laid to an' dhruv like steam to the Colonel's house before the Colonel was there, an' she screamed an' I thought she was goin' off. Out comes the ayah, saying all sorts av things about the Capt'n havin' come for the kit an' gone to the station. "'Take out the luggage, you divil, sez I, 'or I'll murther you!

Some av the throops was camped round Jumrood, an' some went on to Peshawur to get away down to their cantonmints. We came through in the early mornin', havin' been awake the night through, and we dhruv sheer into the middle av the mess. Mother av Glory, will I ever forget that comin' back?

"If he didn't like the green, there was no need of insultin' us." "And that wasn't the worst," Louis hotly added. "He gave a talk to the papers the next day, and told how many Irish paupers were in the poorhouse, and said how there must be an end to favoring the Irish." "I saw that too," said Judy, "an' I sez to meself, sez I, he's wan o' the snakes St. Pathrick dhruv out of Ireland."