Durance to be in some way a bar to patriotic poetical recollection, when he saw his Captain Dartrey mounting steps out of an iron anatomy of the pier, and looking like a razor off a strap. 'Why, sir! cried Skepsey.

He disrelished his companion's mincing tone of a monumental security, and yearned for Dartrey or Simeon or Colney to be at his elbow rather than this most commendable of orderly citizens, who little imagined the treacherous revolt from him in the bosom of the gentleman cordially signifying full agreement. But Dudley was not gifted to read behind words and looks.

The true hostess, you see, studying her guest's special tastes. It is very nearly cooked and if you do not pronounce it the most delicious thing you ever ate in your life, I shall be terribly disappointed." Dartrey sat as still as a man upon whom some narcotic influence rested, and his words sounded almost unnatural. "I am convinced," he assured her, "that I shall be able to gratify you."

In spite of her turbulent breast's burden to deliver, Mrs. Marsett's feminine acuteness was alive upon Dartrey, confirming here and there Nesta's praises of him. She liked his build and easy carriage of a muscular frame: her Ned was a heavy man. More than Dartrey's figure, as she would have said, though the estimate came second, she liked his manner with her.

"Look here, Tallente," he began Nora turned round and suddenly beckoned her host to her. "Come quickly," she begged. "I can do nothing with Mr. Dartrey. He has just decided that our whole scheme of life is absurd, that politics and power are shadows, and that work for others is lunacy. All that he wants is your cottage, a fishing rod and a few books." "Nothing else?" Tallente asked, smiling.

Desperate things to be done excused the desperate said; and especially they seemed a cover to the bald and often spotty language leaping out of her, against her better taste, when her temper was up. 'Somewhere not very distant, said Dartrey perusing. 'Is he in the town to-day, do you know? 'I am not sure; he may be. Her name... 'Have no fear. Ladies' names are safe.

Dartrey had been called unexpectedly to the north, to a great Labour conference, and Tallente, waiting for his return, promised within the next forty-eight hours, found himself rather at a loose end.

Having done with them, Dartrey tossed the Demerara to Skepsey, and washed his hands of battle; and he let his major go unscathed. Phlebotomy sufficient for the day! Nesta's ears hummed with the name of Major Worrell. 'Skepsey did come back to London with a rather damaged frontispiece, Victor said. 'He can't have joined those people?

Durance, to elude the abominable word. 'In you run, my friend. Dartrey sped him up the steps of the hotel. A little note lay on his breakfast-table. His invalid uncle's valet gave the morning's report of the night. The note was from Mrs. Blathenoy: she begged Captain Dartrey, in double underlinings of her brief words, to mount the stairs. He debated, and he went.

She beheld him, when he was in the street, turn for the district where Major Worrell had his lodgeings. That set her mind moving, and her tears fell no longer. Major Worrell was not at home. Dartrey was informed that he might be at his Club. At the Club he heard of the major as having gone to London and being expected down in the afternoon.