Silken and satin costumes, paste jewelry and property small-swords were arriving by express; maids flew about the house at Roya-Neh, trying on, fussing with lace and ribbon, bodice and flowered pannier, altering, retrimming, adjusting. Their mistresses met in one another's bedrooms for mysterious confabs over head-dress and coiffure, lace scarf, and petticoat.

A series of locker and corner confabs had followed. Mary, who did not aspire to basket ball honors, had been present at these talks. In the beginning the discussions had merely been devoted to the devising of signals and the various methods of scoring against their opponents. But gradually a new and sinister note had crept in.

We could not well go to the private nightly confabs of the members indeed, they did not invite us; and when it came to the issue of State bonds, bank charters, and such like, I felt as if I were blundering along in the dark. One day, I received, to my immense astonishment, a hundred and more letters, all from the northern part of our county.

Those nights of song and laughter, of anticipations, hope, and the yearning for LIFE: of long-drawn-out confabs over the glowing embers of a red-hot brazier, the crimson glow shining upon faces that showed so little of aches, fears, longings, masked behind the curling smoke from screening pipes. Silence fall oft-times upon the khaki figures clustered round the genial warmth.

The first gentleman I approached stared at me, real gentleman, I mean, none of your American dandies, and I had no stare to return; I had forgotten that emergency in my confabs with Pierre Catnille Marie Make-face." Amused, but a little discomposed by this sudden turn in the conversation, I looked at Mr. Gryce inquiringly. "Now you, I dare say, have no trouble? Was born one, perhaps.

It must have been a sight, one of those Saturday night confabs, but it was solid comfort after the wreek's work. Bricks are made literally while the sun shines. The day begins with the first glimmer of light in the east, and is not over till the "pits" are worked out. It was my task to cart clay in the afternoon to fill them up again. It was an idle enough kind of job.

All them secret confabs an' trickery to win votes can't be on the square. Don't talk to me! Politics is another name for rascality!" "Perhaps you're right, ma'am; perhaps you're right," he said, with a sigh. She looked at him sharply. "You don't belong in Elmwood." "No, ma'am; I'm from beyond Fairview. I've come to see your husband on business."

Aunt Ella and Alice had many long confabs about the young couple, and how to reinstate Maude in her father's good graces when the truth became known to him. "I have an idea," said Alice one morning to Aunt Ella. "Yesterday I had a letter from Dr. Paul Culver, one of the executors of Quincy's will.

However, if he suspected designs upon George, he might not have continued to be as discreet; but during these last three days of mysterious confabs, George Trent had appeared as much changed toward her as his half-sister had, so that Roger need have had no new fears for him. George had never ceased to be courteous, but there was a subtle difference in his manner, in his way of looking at her.

They went over the mills and factories in the neighborhood, and Sir Robert had long confabs with the managers, of whom he asked permission to "jot down" the interesting facts developed in the course of their conversations, surprising them by his knowledge of mechanics and the subjects in hand.