But Obermuller explained to him that he needn't act just be himself out behind the wings, and lo! Lord Harold was "chawmed." And Gray? Why, she gave in at last; pretended to, anyway sliding out of the Charity sketch, and rehearsing the thing with him, and all that. And and do you know what she did, Mag? "She's so ill, her delicate Ladyship! So ill she just can't go on this evening!

Kedzie started to cry, "You bet your boots," but she caught herself in time and shifted to, "I should be chawmed." Millionaires did not use plain words. Then Dyckman said, "Great!" He followed Kedzie wherever she led. He was as awkward and out of place as a school-boy at his first big dance. Kedzie showed him a murder scene being enacted under the bluesome light.

Bummelybee, 'hit's time I was a movin', so he made fur the snake and giv' him one sting on the haid, and he jess rolled up he eyes, and quirled up ontil the grass; and the bluebird said, 'I'm much debliged of you, Mr. Bummelybee. I'm glad to perform yo' acquaintance. I was jess about as nigh chawmed as a bird could be. "'Don't say no more about it, said Mr. Bummelybee, and off he flown."

One girl Sally Black tripped forward in a most affected style, gave Janice a "high handshake," saying "How-do! chawmed ter meet yuh, doncher know!" and the other girls went off into gales of laughter as though Sally was really excruciatingly funny. Janice was hurt, but she tried not to show it.

"'Well, says the bluebird, 'ef you see a bummelybee, don't you let nobody take his honey from him, fur he's a pertickeler fren' of mine. He was sorter shamed to let on to the squirl how nigh chawmed he was. "'I promise, cross my heart, says the squirl, and Mr. Bluebird flown off. "Aftern awhile, up flown Mr. Bummely, and smack behind him comes a little boy layin' out to git his honey. "Mr.

"Chawmed, I'm suah!" said Wyatt. "I do not desiah any contwovewsy with that vewy wuffianly puhson while he is ah wuffled. So I shall wait and shall be happy to join you." The score was close; it was only through ingenious manipulation by their opponents that Wyatt and his partner were forced to win a small sum.

Her husband may have been excessively slow in most things, but he was quick to recognise and appreciate feminine beauty of face and figure. He unbent at once in the presence of the unmistakably handsome Fowler sisters; his expressive "chawmed" was in direct contrast to his ordinary manner of acknowledging an introduction. "Mr. Medcroft is the famous architect, you know," explained the anxious Mrs.

His shirt was open at the neck, torn, and dirty. His trousers and boots were much the worse of their struggle with the bush. "This is Mr. Macdonald, Lieutenant De Lacy," Maimie hurried to say. The lieutenant offered a limp hand. "Chawmed, I'm suah," he murmured. "What?" said Ranald. "Lovely weather," murmured the lieutenant again, looking at his fingers that Ranald had just let go.

So I thought I'd just wun ovah and see you." He relapsed into moody silence. "You've come to the right shop, I do believe," said Atwood. "Mr. Thompson, let me make you acquainted with my old friend Wyatt." "Chawmed, I'm suah!" muttered Wyatt, adjusting his monocle. "You have probably heard of him," pursued Atwood.