Also they were not looking at Kamasura; they were staring, every man, at the bos'n, who stood with his whistle hanging from a cord around his neck. "Begin!" said Henshaw. The blacksnake whistled around the head of the third mate and there was a long scream from Kamasura but the blacksnake only cracked loudly in the air. Borgson laughed with a hideous delight.

They turned their attention back to Hovey, who now spoke again hastily. "But if you don't give us Henshaw, we'll take him, anyway. In one more day or maybe two at the most we'll come an' get you understand? An' what we'll do to you when we get you will be this!" He gestured over his shoulder. Eric Borgson was being led out on the deck by some of the crew. "Look him over, Cap'n McTee.

"You ain't worth your salt," responded Hovey. "I cannot help I am crush I am defeat. Do not let them bring me before Henshaw. To look at him it puts the cold in my heart. I cannot speak. I shall die I " "Keep your head up," said Hovey. "There's nothing I can say that'll help you just now. Later on you'll be able to deal with Henshaw and Borgson just the way they dealt with you.

He carried the blacksnake in his hands, drawing it caressingly through his hands as Borgson had done. Now the tying of Borgson was completed, and the sailors spread back in a loose circle to watch their entertainment. The Japanese took his distance carefully, shifting repeatedly a matter of inches to make sure that no stroke would be wasted. Then he whirled the blacksnake over his head.

Once more it whirled, and this time merely cracked in the air. Again and again an idle snap in the air. Broken by that grim suspense, Borgson yelled in terror. Kamasura laughed and glanced at the circle of sailors like a ringmaster in a circus in search of applause.

And see that Van Roos and Borgson are brought there also." As Campbell was dragged away, the bos'n said to his companions: "Now, lads, you see where Campbell stands!" They growled for answer. "But I'll get him!" went on Hovey. "I'm going to kill Van Roos and Borgson by inches before his eyes.

He showed he was guilty right off the bat by yellin' for mercy." "Captain, captain!" screamed Kamasura. "Lies, lies-all lies. I go down the deck " The heavy hand of Eric Borgson smashed against Kamasura's mouth. The Jap sagged back, was jerked upright, and the mate's clubbed fist jarred home again. "Lies, are they?" thundered Borgson. "I'll teach you to say that word to Eric Borgson, ha!"

Sam Hall was the inspired man this time, and according to his directions they lashed the body of the big mate on the same blood-spotted hatch cover where Borgson had lain a moment before, but this time the victim was placed upon his back. Hall himself attended to the tying of Van Roos's head, and he performed his work so ably that the mate could not change his position in the least particle.

Henshaw's equal to that." Kamasura stammered, hesitated. "Don't make no mistake," said Hovey fiercely, "because we'll be standin' close, some of us, an' the first tune you open your damned mouth, we'll bash your head in. Get me?" The entrance of Eric Borgson made it impossible for the Jap to answer with words, but his eyes were eloquent with promise.

So they cut him free, and his body followed that of Borgson over the rail. Then the eyes of the mutineers turned aft toward the wireless house, and then back upon Campbell. Six victims remained. One of the firemen slipped close to Hovey on naked feet. He did not speak, but his long, thin arm pointed toward the engineer. "Not yet," said Hovey, "not yet!