You’re like Rose-Red in ‘Rose-Red and Snow-White.’ I think,” she added, flushing, for she was a little afraid that it was not polite to say things like this, “that you are the beautifulest girl I ever saw.” “Why, that’s just what I think of you,” Rosie said in surprise. “I just love black hair,” Maida said. “And I just adore golden hair,” Rosie said. “Now, isn’t that strange?”

You are the beautifulest man in the whole world!" After the performance, Mr. Maynard spoke of going home, but Marjorie's eyes held a mute appeal, which he could not resist. "Ice cream again!" he said, though she had not spoken the words. "Well, ice cream it is, then, but no rich cakes this time. I promised Motherdy I'd bring you home safe and sound.

It is a fashionable kind of work, that we may soon grow tired of." "Dear me, ma'am, think how long former generations went on with it! Think of our grandmothers' work, ma'am, and how we are treading in their steps. We have the beautifulest patterns now, I assure you.

I didn't know they could be so beautiful, and this is the beautifulest part of it; I don't know how to thank you, but I'm going to try " and, finding words wouldn't come fast enough, Ben just put his two arms round her, quite speechless with gratitude; then, as if ashamed of his little outburst, he knelt down in a great hurry to untie his one shoe.

The rest of us lie down on the grass; among others, young Herr von Archenholtz, ensign or lieutenant in Regiment FORCADE: who testifies that it is one of the beautifulest nights, the lamps of Heaven shining down in an uncommonly tranquil manner; and that almost nobody slept.

Aye, she bes plump as a pa'tridge, a-livin' on the fat o' the land the fat o' all the wracks that comes up from the sea. An' a beauty she bes, altogether. Saints presarve ye, sir, she bes the beautifulest female woman ever come ashore on that coast.

Strangely he remains still a shining figure to us; the wildly beautifulest man, in body and in soul, that one has ever heard of in the North. Jarl Eric, splendent with this victory, not to speak of that over the Jomsburgers with his father long ago, was now made Governor of Norway: Governor or quasi-sovereign, with his brother, Jarl.

Bigsby shuddered slightly as she recognized the usual preliminary to prolixity, but determined, as far as possible, to make her brother brief. "It mout be two weeks ago," began Dan'l, "that I see John Lummox over at Palmyra, where he'd bin visitin'. He was drivin' a hoss, the beautifulest critter for color I ever saw.

"I thought you were all so poor," said the Station Master. "So we are," said Peter, confidentially, "but we always have three pennyworth of halfpennies for tea whenever Mother sells a story or a poem or anything." "Oh," said the Station Master, "so your Mother writes stories, does she?" "The beautifulest you ever read," said Peter. "You ought to be very proud to have such a clever Mother."

Dunn, a venerable and amiable Irish gentleman, "distinguished," we were told, "by having refused a bishopric:" and who was now living, in an opulent enough retirement, amid his books and philosophies and friends, in London, is memorable to me among this clerical class: one of the mildest, beautifulest old men I have ever seen, "like Fenelon," Sterling said: his very face, with its kind true smile, with its look of suffering cheerfulness and pious wisdom, was a sort of benediction.