Gertrude, I don't think Halsey knew the the murdered man, did he?" But Mr. Jamieson was sure of his ground. "The quarrel, I believe," he persisted, "was about Mr. Armstrong's conduct to you, Miss Gertrude. He had been paying you unwelcome attentions." And I had never seen the man! When she nodded a "yes" I saw the tremendous possibilities involved.

I repeatedly sent out strong detachments toward Holly Springs, which was his main depot of supply; and General Grierson, with his Sixth Illinois, the only cavalry I had, made some bold and successful dashes at the Coldwater, compelling Van Dorn to cover it by Armstrong's whole division of cavalry.

With these orders and objects the American army began its march from Skippack creek at 7 o'clock in the evening of the 3d of October , in two columns the right, under Sullivan and Wayne, taking the Chestnut Hill road, followed by Stirling's division in reserve; the left, composed of the divisions of Greene and Stephen, with M'Dougal's brigade and 1,400 Maryland and Jersey militia taking the Limekiln and old York roads, while Armstrong's Pennsylvania militia advanced by the Ridge road.

On this syringe I base all my hopes. I have just returned from a small scouting expedition and everything is favourable. Eat a good breakfast, Watson, for I propose to get upon Dr. Armstrong's trail to-day, and once on it I will not stop for rest or food until I run him to his burrow." "In that case," said I, "we had best carry our breakfast with us, for he is making an early start.

Ye're straucht and rare, ye're fause and fair Hech! auld John Armstrong's dearie!" His voice was mellow, and ought to have been even. His expression was perfect. The kettle was boiling. Mr Cupples made his toddy, and resumed his story. "As sune's I was able, I left my mither greitin' God bless her! and cam to this toon, for I wasna gaein' to be eaten up with idleset as weel's wi' idolatry.

Armstrong's probable lawsuit, the greater part of it was doubtless due to those stirrings of the more kindly, healthy sap of human feeling, by which goodness tries to get the upper hand in us whenever it seems to have the slightest chance on Sunday mornings, perhaps, when we are set free from the grinding hurry of the week, and take the little three-year old on our knee at breakfast to share our egg and muffin; in moments of trouble, when death visits our roof or illness makes us dependent on the tending hand of a slighted wife; in quiet talks with an aged mother, of the days when we stood at her knee with our first picture-book, or wrote her loving letters from school.

Hollis B. Frissell, now the Principal of the Hampton Institute, and General Armstrong's successor. Under the clear, strong, and almost perfect leadership of Dr. Frissell, Hampton has had a career of prosperity and usefulness that is all that the General could have wished for. It seems to be the constant effort of Dr.

The army of Van Dorn and Price had been brought from the trans-Mississippi Department to the east of the river, and was collected at and about Holly Springs, where, reenforced by Armstrong's and Forrests cavalry, it amounted to about forty thousand brave and hardy soldiers.

What I have done through lack of wit, I never, never can recall: I hope ye're all my friends as yet. Good night, and joy be with you all. Armstrong's Good Night The storm had blown over, but heavy flakes of cloud still cumbered the air, and gusts of wind portended that it might gather again. Henry Ward took this opportunity of giving his first dinner party.

When the service was over, John set out to Langholm, promising to make all the haste in his power back to the Manse. He soon arrived at Mr. Armstrong's, and receiving the medicine, set off on his return home.