He who mumbled thus was a little man in white gaiters, an albino head, and thin hair in scattered locks. But the interruption of this unfortunate friend only furnished Le Merquier with a rapid and natural transition. A hideous smile parted his flabby lips. "The honourable M. Sarigue mentions the Territorial Bank. We shall be able to answer him."

"Take care," said Albino, the ex-theological student, in a loud tone to another youth. "Keep your foot tight on the plug under you." "What?" "It might come out and let the water in. This banka has a lot of holes in it." "Oh, we're going to sink!" cried the frightened women. "Don't be alarmed, ladies," the ex-theological student reassured them to calm their fears. "The banka you are in is safe.

There was a pause and a silence. Sandy Weaver might be lying, and then again he might not. 'I got nothing against Jim, and it didn't drop on me right then that he was out to start a row. And, being full of what I saw up there, I spilled him the yarn. And I wish you could have had a look into that man's face! He's no albino to speak on, and yet when I got half-way through he looked it.

For the first third of the month they had been as numerous, I calculated, as all other species put together. On one occasion I saw a large company of them chasing an albino, the latter dashing wildly round a pine-tree, with the whole flock in furious pursuit.

All were now watching and some even began to believe that they saw the fishes wriggling about in the net and showing their glittering scales. But when the youth lowered his net not a fish leaped up. "It must be full," whispered Albino, "for it has been over five days now since it was visited." The fisherman drew in his net, but not even a single little fish adorned it.

"You leave 'im alone," said the swart man. "See? 'E's 'ad 'is licks." A clattering bell lifted up its voice and solved the situation. The albino hesitated. "Lucky for you," he said, adding a foul metaphor, and turned with the others towards the press-room again. "Wait for the end of the spell, mate," said the albino over his shoulder an afterthought.

In some respects it is intermediate between P. munticus and P. cristatus and apparently "breeds true" but never has been found in a wild state. Albino specimens are by no means unusual and are a feature of many zoölogical gardens.

"Hain't I got a license ter travel ther highway without bein' follered an' bedeviled," she demanded angrily, and the two youths seemed at first too abashed for speech. One of them, who was an almost albino blond, flushed to the roots of his pale hair. "I reckon hit jest chanced thet-a-way," he stammered.

The day was advancing; a breeze was blowing; little waves were stirred up on the water, and rippled around the alligator. The music began again. Iday was playing the harp, while the young men were playing the accordeons and guitars with more or less skill. But the one who played best was Albino. The other weir was visited with an entire lack of confidence.

Secondly, that every skin except that of the albino has a certain, and usually a considerable, amount of this pigment present in it.