"If I'd ever hed a chance to learn that they wa'n't no difference between them figgers, and hedn't knowed, she could'a smiled. But I I ain't hed my chance yit!" He swung around and stumbled blindly up the steps and groped his way upstairs. Caleb stood there for a long time, motionless, and the one thought uppermost in his mind was that Steve, like Allison, was scarcely woman-wise.

Strange little product of some western architect's remembering pencil, it brought an air of distant shores and times, standing here in the waste of the prairie, above the bright blue waters of the lake! "That's the place for us!" Sommers exclaimed, gazing intently at the time-stained temple. Alves looked at the building sceptically, for woman-wise she conceived of only conventional abiding-places.

But Miss Heth faced him with no want of confidence; received his greeting with a charming bright negligence. One saw readily that such a matter as "making an impression" was far indeed from this maid's mind. Moreover, the nap of forty minutes, not winks, had been like the turning of a new leaf; and she was fortified, woman-wise, with the knowledge that she looked her best.

Being a woman, she was allowed by the woman-wise magistrate to tell her story in her own way. When she spoke of the attempted murder at the taffrail, her manner became excited.

At his gaze that lady muttered something, and fled, sample-case banging at her knees. At the look in his eyes his mother hastened, woman-wise, to reassure him. "It wasn't so bad, Jock. Now that you're here, it's all right. Jock, I didn't realize just what you meant to me until you didn't come. I didn't realize " Jock sat down at the edge of the bed, and slid one arm under his mother's head.

As he trotted off, his sister said earnestly: "You have done so much for him; we can never thank you." "I don't believe I have done so very much," Sommers replied. He did not like to have her refer to his mission in New York, or to make, woman-wise, a sentimental story out of a nasty little scrape. "I think polo will help him; papa agrees with me now." "Indeed!" Sommers smiled,

"I think you're not quite so mad as mischievous," he said boldly. "Your loves are too frequent to cause your friends much concern least of all the one you honor with your present professions. I'm not woman-wise, Olga. And I'm not honey-mouthed. I hope you won't mind if I say I don't believe you." Her smile vanished. "You will in time," she said quickly. "So will Hermia."

It was scarcely likely that he could bite the thick rope through with his teeth! She stood then for two or three more minutes wondering what to do, for she had no knife of her own, and she had made the rope fast woman-wise with a true landlubber's knot that tightened from the strain until her struggling fingers could not make the least impression on it.

Carlisle thought, with a little hopeful leap, that Hugo must know. It was all irrevocably settled; and yet at the same time it may have been that, woman-wise, she had left ajar a little door somewhere, through which his man's wisdom might yet storm, and possess all.... "But but doesn't it seem that if I did him a wrong, I ought to be willing to set it straight?"