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Therefore, the chagrin of the officials over the independence and ability of the majority of the American correspondents is easy to understand. The Wilhelmstrasse determined to control them, and through them to influence the American Press. Hence the rules given above.

"Captain Fraser-Freer got in rather a mess in India and failed of promotion. It was suspected that he was discontented, soured on the Service; and the Countess Sophie de Graf was set to beguile him with her charms, to kill his loyalty and win him over to her crowd. "It was thought she had succeeded the Wilhelmstrasse thought so we at the War Office thought so, as long as he stayed in India.

To be sure the terms that the English, German and Austrian ministers had agreed upon in the Black Forest were now awaiting ratification by their respective governments. Bear this in mind "were waiting ratification" for it explains the mission that I was called upon to undertake on November 18, 1911. I received the usual summons to report at the Wilhelmstrasse.

"'The meeting at the Huis ten-Bosch points to Wilhelmstrasse. Nothing can be done here. They suspect Downing Street. Ah, at The Hague, and at the ten-Bosch too, where the Czar and Andrew Carnegie held their first Peace Conference in 1899; this looks significant!" "Keep going," said the Captain; "that fellow's got 'The Man in the Iron Mask' brushed off the map."

One of the three was Velasco, another a young man unknown to him, a mannerly little creature who might have been written by the author of "What the Man Will Wear" in the theatre programmes. The third was Sophie Weringrode, the Wilhelmstrasse agent whom he had only that afternoon observed entering the house in Seventy-ninth Street. He stopped short, in a cold rage.

Grey-green uniforms were piled endlessly in heaps. Kiel previously stolen from Denmark, but then reconstructed and raised to the war degree at last was open. The navy was ready. The army was ready. Against any possible combination of European forces, the oiled machine was prepared. Petersburg was then in the throes of a general strike which the Wilhelmstrasse had engineered.

"In that case," he said, "my consent is of no importance, seeing that the matter is already decided." Finally, he asked to have his messages returned to him, but they would consent only to his reading, not to his retaining, them. The Russian Ambassador also despatched an urgent message en clair to his Government embodying the contradiction communicated by the Wilhelmstrasse.

The Wilhelmstrasse paid well, but threatened exposures if this or that person were not removed. Hence Azef, as one of the heads of the Terrorists, received his orders through Rasputin, and, obeying, was paid his blood-money. Many of the dastardly crimes which Azef, aided by the monk, committed at Germany's orders will never be known.

"New York says it had no knowledge of your intention to leave England on the Assyrian, but that you may well have done so. The Wilhelmstrasse will know, of course. It has already been telegraphed. Pending its reply, I am to detain you." "How long?" Lanyard demurred.

Every Potsdammer, a little while ago, was counting on Roumania!... The breaking up of the confederation of the Balkan States under Russian influence was what the Central Powers required; while the Allies desired a broken Turkey and a strong Balkan federation under Russian sway able to throw a million men into the field against Turkey's northwestern frontier so as to keep Austria in check and allow an easy glide of forces toward the Dardanelles.... Then Roumania was with the Wilhelmstrasse, and Bulgaria was an ally of the Quay d'Orsay and the Neva, but now the Osmanlian and the Bulgar and his cousin Fritz are in the same bed snoring at the Romans who look greedily toward Transylvania!... From what I can see I'm sure these Bulgars will be first to give up the ghost, although when I talk to Kovalsky and hear the whine of these Wienfloss Kwabins I feel sure that they will be first to snap for peace!... I am writing this in a elaborately furnished dugout that has been abandoned by some German officers I KNOW this because I found several tubes of Erbswurst tucked in one of the berths.