For a few minutes I sat there endeavoring to relieve the poor fellow's sufferings by welting his lips with water, and while I was thus engaged I was startled by hearing a slight rustling in the bushes; I looked up, thinking that the companion of the dead snake was about to visit us in search of its mate, and as I did so, I caught a glimpse of the wrinkled face of the stockman.

With this remark he stood erect, looking fearlessly at his tormentors. Sarbeshwar administered another welting, which drew blood at every stroke but was borne without sound or movement. When the doorkeeper stopped for want of breath, Bemani cast a look of scorn at Ramani Babu and strode out of the house in silence, full of rage. Presently another disturbance was heard.

He drove his pointed cap onto his head, gave a parting shake of his fists that embraced moderator, voters, walls, floor, roof, and all appurtenances of the town house, and stalked down the aisle and out. The silence in town meeting was so profound that the voters heard him welting his horse as he drove away.

If she likes to boast as she ha' welted me she ha' a roight to do so, but doan't you say nowt." Jack walked slowly across the field till he was close to the figure on the ground. Then he quietly removed his jacket and waistcoat and laid them down. Then he said: "Now, Nelly, I be ready for a welting, I ha' deserved it if ever a chap did, and I'll take it.

"Well, my dear friend," said Reilly, "put up your cudgel; I really don't covet a shirtful of sore bones; but, after all, perhaps you would have found my fist a match for your cudgel." "Nonsense!" replied Kelly; "but God be praised that you escaped the welting anyhow; I would never forgive myself, and you the friend of his lordship."

"That's right, boy; so he would." "And they'd all laugh," cried Marcus, "and come again." "But they won't after the welting you are going to give them, boy if you are not too tired." "Of course I'm tired," cried the boy, impatiently, "after a fight like that; but then they are tired too, so it's all fair only six to one?"

"In the course of time, the whole country was turned against them; for no crowd could get together in which they didn't kick up a row, nor a bit of stray fighting couldn't be, but they'd pick it up first; and if a man would venture to give them a contrary answer, he was sure to get the crame of a good welting for his pains.

"Now, what in you been up to?" was the greeting of his brother, as he re-entered the shop. "Nothing." "Welting a man on the head with a whip-stock ain't anything, hey?" "I didn't touch him. We was racing, and he run into the culvert." "Hank says he saw you strike him." "He lies! I was strikin' the horse to make him break!" "Oh, yeh was!" sneered the older man.

Behind the steer another black boy dodged in and out, welting and prodding it from time to time with a bamboo pole. Maddened by the blows, the steer would dash forward and narrowly miss impaling the man on his horns; then, taking advantage of his impetus, the old man would try to haul him into a smaller yard.

"Where am I now?" he said. "Under the white pine, Phil." "That's right. Face me to the north." We did so. Minutes passed in silence. Only the song of the saw was heard, and the welting of the river. "Padre," he said at last hurriedly, "lift me up, so's I can breathe." This was done. "Am I facin' the big mill?" "Yes." "That's c'rrect.